Advice on prenatal vitamins please.....

G/c from planning

Just wondering if you lovely ladies could give me some advice on prenatal vitamins?

Firstly, is any particular brand better. I've been looking at sanatogen and pregnacare so far?

Secondly, I'm absolutely terrible at swallowing tablets so does anyone know if any particular brand is smaller than others and/or easier to swallow?

Thanks a lot
L x


  • hi i started of using pregnacare then i got the sanatogen ones as they were on offer at morrsons and are half the price of pregnacare they are big may be you could break them in half if you find them hard to swallow.x
  • Hi jay79,

    Thanks for your reply. Are both brands as big as each other? Are either ones capsules, which are slightly easier to swallow? I'm such a baby!!! hehe

  • Bought us sanotogen mother and father to be ones today. Feels good to be doing something proactive towards ttc. Just shown them to hubby and he was keen too which is a good sign. Although did proceed to play top trumps type game with the vitamin contents of both of them!! hehe
  • Hi Wispa,

    I've used Pregnacare and Tommy's and unfortunately both are big tablets.

    Its worth getting them when Boots do their 3 for 2 offers!!

  • I'm glad this topic was brought up as I've been wondering too what I should be taking. I've got the folic acid tablets started but I read the container of the other vitamins that I take the other day and they actually state not to take them if pregnant or likely to become pregnant - oops!
  • Hi sunshine,
    I think one of the reasons you shouldn't take normal vitamins is they usually contain vitamin A which we shouldn't have too much of when pregnant or trying, can't remember why though, i'm useless.
    The men tablets contain zinc and selenium which are good for the swimmers!

    Goonie, thanks for the info, the sanatogen ones i got today are quite big but gonna try my best, i've got to get over this tablet thing one day i guess!

  • Hi Wispa, I've been taking Pregnacare Conception and got my BFP yesterday after 4 months of trying. OH has also been taking zinc tablets.
    Good luck x
  • Hey Wispa

    I am also on Pregnacare Conception and although they are large, they are one of the few supplements that contain Iodine which is vital for foetal brain development. I originally started on the Boots mummy to be tablets but they didn't contain Iodine or Selenium (another important mineral).

    My OH has just been taking boots all in one vit and mineral which includes folic acid and zinc.

    Have only been on them a month so fingers crossed they help!

    Good luck x
  • thanks for the info, think I'll pick up some proper pre preg vits tomorrow, the sooner I get them started the better. OH already takes zinc and multi vit so hopefully he is already covered

    cheers guys
  • Ooh, thanks for the info, might finish these ones and switch to pregnacare then. Only got sanotogen ones cos they were cheaper but that could be because they haven't got as much in!!

    Congrats on your BFP Donnat2004, great news
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