Was it??

Right woomummy is a bit confused...had an mc 9 days ago now....had ewcm on monday and tuesday then it went milky...and today ive had my ov pain?!? Now if i was in a normal cycle id think fab im oving early...but im not as im waiting for my first af after the mc....surely u cant ov that early, i have no opk sticks so havent been able to use them to confirm, wtf???!!!??? image image


  • Im not sure wats going on with me either, I had ewcm followed by an odd crampy ache on lower rigth side which could have been ov pain I suppose (tho I had it for 2 days???) and last night and today I have had browny, pinky cm. Not much, but there. I also had af type crampy feeling earlier, tho that has gone now.

    If it is af, I cant understand why it wasnt picked up on my scan yesterday? Surely they would have said to expect af any day, and not 'anytime in the next 4 weeks' ?

    wtf is going on with us?????!!!
  • Oh hun, what a bloody pickle were in!!! Now this is why i like to have opks in the house lol!!! I wouldnt think it was your af as the screen would be blury if u where bleeding and she would of seen that!! Mb is was an ov bleed, i had that a few times after i mced in dec...how the hell are we meant to know when to test lol....should we go 14days from today??!!!! Maybe weve been really lucky and ov'ed early....really should grab hubby 2nite lol xxxx
  • :lol: what a pair! :lol:

    I did wonder about ov bleed, but dismissed it as never had it b4, and thought it was a bit too much for that. :\?

    Sod it, Ill just enjoy lots of lovely bd'g, and see what happens! (Stupid body! It knows damn well that it doesnt take much to confuse me as it is!!! :evil: ) :lol:
  • I had it for 2months after my last mc....altho it made my cycle start over again...so they got very long, altho it would be different for u....it may be some left over stuff...did u have an internal scan as that may of done something??

    I agree lots of hubbie time....just got a thermometer off ebay for next month tho lol!!! xxxxxxxx
  • It wasnt an internal (thank God! They hurt!) but she was pressing quite hard in one area in particular, just below my belly button and sort of angling it downwards. I was panicking a bit as thought she had spotted summat wrong! So maybe she dislodged some leftover goo. It seems to have stopped now, and no more af cramps.

    Hopefully you wont get a chance to use your thermometer! xxx
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