implantation day, can you have symptons?

Hi ladies,
Today would be implantation day if all went well, could I possibly has any symptons that might suggest this was happening?
Sorry for being a bit thick but I just don't know. xx


  • I think a brown bleed, not a lot. Plus pain in one side or af like cramps can indicate implantation. But some women get nothing. I had implantation type symptoms last cycle, but wasn't pg. Cruel body! xx
  • Thanks mithical, wasn't sure. Have some odd sensation in my right side but not sure if its even related but this would be implantation day if i was really lucky, but doubt it as partner SA results came back low so I dont know if its even possible.
    Cheers xx
  • Never say never! xx
  • I don't know if this helps. Since coming off the pill I always had really bad ov pains. It felt like bad AF pains. It would start on the day before ov and continue for a few days after. This month was the same - it was really uncomfortable. Im 4 weeks pg so maybe it was a sign. Implantation bleeds can happen weeks after the implantation. I had what Im hoping is an implantation bleed today..... Ill keep my fingers crossed for you!

  • Angel100 can you please tell me what else you know about it, as its one thing i didn't really read up on.
    (that 's if you know anything else).
    It's all very confusing and i think i'm clutching at straws with OH sperm problems.
  • Congratulations Angel100 on your Pregnancy, I hope all continues ease. How long have you been trying
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