How are you doing Sparkling Diamond

Hi there sd. I was just wondering how you were feeling today petal x x


  • Oh thanks Vicsy

    I done a CBD last nite and got a BFN, today I bought SD tests done one tonight so not with fmu and am sure I see a very faint line like all the rest.

    Am not holding much hope out to be honest but am at the docs on Thur to discuss further cos am fed up every month I get faint lines and they never get any stronger.

    Thanks for the shout out, hows you hun?

  • G/C from DIN
    I keep popping on to see how you are doing Sparkling Diamond. Hopefully the doctors will have some answers for you. Sending baby dust to you!! xxx
  • I'm fine thank you petal. I so hope that the doc can give you some answers. The waiting is the worst part isn't it? Let's hope the week goes quickly for you.

    What are the lines like when you use fmu?

    V x x
  • I tested fri afternoon with a FRER and got a v.v.v faint line only when you tilted test and looked at it really hard. Sat morning and sun morning with boots cheapies and fmu a v.v faint line come up but hubby can see them too they came up within 2 mins. He was 50/50 on them as in it wasnt an obvious line I could photograph.

    Tonight I done an SD as they are 10miu but with afternoon fmu and again am almost sure there is a v.v. faint line so this time I took it apart and there is a faint pink line but its just n so there so its either too early or another chem pregnancy or a mc

    Thing is am confused cos i got a pos opk on friday night too and going by my last cycle i wasnt due to ov until next weekend so am stumped as to whats going on.

    Could ov mess with hpts? I have one opk left so am going to do that and see if I get a smiley.

    Am not getting my hopes up as maybe its left over from my last af as in march I think i could have had a chem pregnancy as had faint lines leading up to getting af and then af on 25th March. AF was very pale pink for 3 days and then 1 day of red so if i did have a chem preg prob would have been on 25th March.

    Its been 3.5 week since then so it could be a new pregnancy as your more fertile after a chem/mc but what I dont get it I wouldnt have been due to ovulate yet so how can I have a new pregnancy.

    As in I thought you could only get preg when you ovulate and release an egg which only happens once a month.

    Am just forever confused with this ttc business. Also ever since my last af I have had sore nipples still even after I bled, nausea, have a rounded tummy, headaches and wind etc so am still getting symptoms even after af finishes and last 2 weeks I have achey lower back and sore boobs

  • Hay G/C but i keep looing out for your post's SD

    really hope you can get it all sorted soon

    Gembags x
  • I was getting lines on superdrugs too image x
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