Trying for Baby #2!

Good Morning!
A question for all you mummies that have already got a LO:-

How long did it take you to concieve the second time?

I've been on the pill 6 months, and we've decided that now Josh is almost 8 months, it is time to start trying for a brother or sister, as I'm almost 33, and I want our second baby before I'm 35!

Wishing lots of baby dust to you all x


  • hi, i think we are all diffrent with my second it took me 5 months, i am 34 we are ttc i want to have it just as i turn 35 ideally, which is next year btw, my 1st born is now 15,

    good luck and baby dust x
  • hi we already have a lo who is 2.5yrs and are currently ttc #2 now and going into month 10!
    Hopefully u'll have better luck than us!
    Good luck!
  • I have a 2 year old liitle boy and have been off the pill since April ttc number 2,i'm hoping July is the month to get a bfp!!
    Good luck to you.
  • ive been really lucky,this is the first month of us really trying,we did try last month but i knew it would be a long shot as OH was working away mon-fri so its been 2 months and i got my bfp yesterday,have to say also i was expecting all the same symptoms as my first pregnancy but nope,this one is totaly different,wonder if its gonna be a girl this time :lol: good luck

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