Where are yoooooooooooouuuuuuuuu....

I don't know where my OV has gone, if any of you lurvly ladies find it could you please return it to me ASAP!!! I really wanted that Xmas bean and i have no chance now. The confusing thing is when will i get a period????

All i keep thinking is "ooh so many ladies have got their BFP even thought they had no peak on the CBFM" but then i also think well if i have a bean how will i know because obv AF won't show her face until i OV and if she does then i will be upset i didn't get my BFP but i will also be upset if she doesn't show her face.

I have somehow (no symptoms what so ever) convinced myself that maybe i am pregnant and that is why i am not OVing - my mum bled with me which caused her not to know i was there until she was 3 months gone!!! I know this is highly unlikely given the bleed that i had earlier this month but i just want it so bad and when my body messes me around it really gets to me.

I am wondering if being ill could maybe postpone OV a little as i have always been late in the past (AF wise) when i have been ill. And at the moment i have a shocking cold and what feels like a chest infection so i am really down in the dumps and either hardly eating or eating so much that i may explode!!!

What do you think? Could my cold be delaying my OV for now? I have googled it but you get so many different responses it baffles my mind.

Tink xx


  • Hi hun, don't get too frustrated! My period was 4 days late last month and I had a horrid cold. So it could be a cold/stress problem. Fingers crossed you find out soon either way! xxx
  • Hey pet, wherever yours is I think mine is there too! I'm on CD21 and I thought I had a positive (but faint) line on OPK on CD15 but then there was no temperature shift. I've been doing the tests daily since then and they've all been negative til today when I got another faint line!
    I'm so confuddled by it all! Hope this means I'll OV in the next day or 2! Hope you get yours soon too Tink! xx
  • aww hun, hope you find ov soon, our bodies can be so cruel to us sometime.xxx
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