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Gayle1979- Any luck?

Hi Gayle- seeing as you and I are running at about the same time, I just wondered if you had managed to get a positive on your ov. stick yet? I'm currently on day 20 now and got, what I think is a positive on my ov. stick today for the first time, in a long time! Last time I got one, it was because I tested too early in the morning and got a false positive, also it was after I had ovulated! (checked back in the diary). So am mega excited this month and am now really hoping that it has worked.....we'll see.
Keeping fingers crossed for youimage

Where is Chriss????



  • hi lilypingu,this is also a reply 2 ur question on the ebay post.2 or 3 days before i ovulate,i get a wet slippy discharge(just feel a bit damp) then the day i ovulate,its the mucus plug.(so sorry if this is tmi!!!)its like a blob of clear jelly(sorry i know this is gross) its a bit thick and stretchy!
    Anyway,today i got another negative on the ebay ov sticks,however,i got the mucus plug,so im 99% sure that the ov sticks are wrong.this also happened last month,and i never go 2 months without ovulating.
    Anyway,sounds like u and i have been mega busy with our o/h's this month,and i sooooooo hope its our turn.Good luck honey xx
  • Hi Gayle- thanks for the reply- makes sense to me. I know what your talking about- just didn't know it had a name. Now its all down to the waiting game- just two weeks to wait. keeping my fingers crossed for you x

    PS- i hope everything is alright with Chriss- have heard nothing from her!
    Chriss-where are you!!!!
  • hi lilypingu,the waiting drives me mad! im on day 17 today,and we have decided to keep up the action for another week.dont want to leave it to chance incase i get another long cycle!!
    i know, im getting really worried about chriss,its not like her to not be on for this long!!! xx
  • good luck to both of you xxx
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