Well..... Update from me :D

Sorry ive not been about, Im just chilling out, well basically I was just waiting for my AF so i can start using my CBFM on CD06, but on CD27 and guess what no AF. Not even the usual spotting.

Ive had the cramping and creamy CM but not sure if i was actually seeing EWCM it seems almost the same to me, but anyway if it means im just OVing im gonna go mad, I dont want anymore long cycles. Ill be waiting forever for CD06.
My cycles vary between 21-28 days. Well they did the past 2 months. last month it was 27 days and month before it was 21. So quite possible it could be a few days longer.
The 27 day cycle I OV'd on day CD14 exactly! and the 21 day I OV'd on CD08.
I have no clue about this month, I didnt bother tracking it.

But anyways, I will keep you posted.


P.S Chuffed with the new BFP's, Well done ladies! image


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