hi, ive read on here alot of ladies test their temps, i was justwondering what you can find out from this and what you actually do???


  • if you temp every morning at the same time pref before you get out of bed then you should be able to pinpoint exactly when you ovulated as your temp rises then drops! if you do this along with ovulation tests this will help clarify exactly what day you ov! if any of that makes sense! you can get opk tests off ebay cheap and work as good as shop bought ones! xxxxx
  • I like it as like ellie says, your temp rises the day after you ov so you can see by using the opk's and temping too when you're about to ov and then when you have ov'd as you will get +ve opk's meaning you're about to and a temp rise means you have. Then when af is about to arrive your temp plummets below the coverline (that's the horizontal line across the chart).

    Take a look at my charts on Fertility Friend (March and April are better if you scroll down) and if you want to sign up there's a link on my home page that you can click on - I think I get a few free days if you do it that way image (you don't have to or of course just if you were going to them it'd help me out image ) Good luck.x

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