Need advice??

Ok so I think everyone knows I started spotting on Mon, tues, wed and thur morning had a slightly heavier bleed all of these bleeds have been brown and then thur dark red. The spotting was diluted and was a very light pink colour started off brown on sunday night??

Friday when i wiped there was still blood there and today again its gone back to a browny colour.

Can anyone tell me whats going on? Is it just the end of my period? have I had a period?

Also I keep getting weird sensations in my tummy and a bit of a discomfot on my right side.

I am so sick of thinking I am pregnant, if I go to the doctors they just say come back in Nov when youve been trying for 12 months.

I just really wish my body would stop messing me around :roll:



  • That is me too. My body is driving me mad. I am either CD 29(8dpo) or CD 3. I had a medium flow on fri then nothing yesterday and only a little today. When AF comes it usually starts right away. Just wish my body would make its mind up!
  • Oh Hun, Thanks for your post on mine. I wish I could help you more. I saw that another lady on one of the other posts said she had brown spotting until she was 6w pg (I think) and she is still pg.

    I know it's heart breaking if it's -ve but I think you should do another hpt again to set your mind at rest. I don't think anything is wrong if it's -ve as my af's are sometimes more brown than red and light - not sure why though. When did you do the last hpt?

    How long have you been trying now? (I probably should know this answer :rollimage

    At our age it is going to take a little longer old gal and I'm sure as well that we have fewer viable eggs (more so me - I know back on the age thing! Go on give me a slap), so although SME, nothing comes of it, or it may initially and then something goes wrong.

    I know I'm not much help but I think we all need to keep trying, it's all we can do right. Anyway I already said, you're going to get your BFP before your hols!!! :lol:
  • Hi BOB - been off the pill since end of Jun, hd wb and then 5 normal 35 day cycles, Dec was 40 days, jan was 45 days and feb was 45 days so they are getting longer and its getting harder for me to predict ovulation so for now we have gone back to the relaxed method and not pinpointing ov etc.

    So been trying since Nov but off pill since Jun and only really had 3 cycles because they are super long and that doing my head in.

    My next af is due 8th May and that feels a lifetime away!! am focusing on my hol and paying a few things off or I would go insane!!

  • OK so here is some rubbish advice, but I need you to prove me right before your hols. Assuming you're not pg right now (not sure when you did your last hpt) BD every other day from now until your next af! Hard work but I saw it work for someone else on here! I think it's so tiring that her body just relaxed, gave in and got pg out of pure exhaustion :lol:

    Good luck xx
  • BOB I done a SD HPT last night before bed so I know am not preg am just wondering if it was a chem pregnancy because its not normally for me to a) spot before AF and b) have long af like this.

    Since coming off the pill the longest my periods have been is 1-2 days but this week have been 5-7 days so I know whats been going on is not normal.

    He he yeah will try and BD as much as I can we done that the previous cycle and again I had the faint line scenario went docs and they done bloods and I wasnt pregnant.

    Its just bit crap same thing keeps happening over and over again, not a pleasant experience of trying for a baby xx
  • No I agree, not pleasent at all, sorry hun. Do you think that your progesterone drops maybe? As this could cause you to bleed post implantation? Hence the +ve's and then the bleeding.

    My doc told me she would put me immediately on progesterone next time I got a +ve hpt as this would help with the stickiness (not that she thought that was my problem), but she also said it doesn't do any harm. With that in mind maybe you could suggest that to your doc? It could only help.....
  • Ok am still getting pinky red discharge and having weird feelings in my stomach, what do I do wait a few days and then go docs if I still have it, its coming up to easter weekend tho so dont know what to do.

    I have been bleeding on and off since last Monday!!!

  • Are you meaning cramps by weird feelings? Or something else?

    Thats a long time to have af for, especially if you've only had 1-2 day afs before. i think I'd try and get in at docs even if just for a chat before easter weekend, otherwise you'll spend all easter weekend miserable and worrying about it.

    Hope it stops soon hon xx
  • Hey pet,

    You're really being led a merry dance by AF aren't you? Wish I had some advice for you but I've not had this myself.

    Do you have a family planning clinic near you? Just thought that you could maybe drop in there and speak to one of the nurses as I reckon they'd have to be experts at the effects of coming off the pill.

    Hope AF gets her act together soon for you! xx
  • Hi Garfield not like af cramps bit of random feelings now and again mainly in right hand side of stomach and also bit of back ache!!

    If i go back to docs am likely to launch at them after leaving me in limbo last time. Its defo the longest I have been bleeding and first 3 days were just on toilet paper v.v.light and pinky/brown colour then thur got bit heavier etc then fri had virtually disappeared.

    Could it be the end of af, but why am I bleeding when I wipe, its like a watery bleed if you know what I mean.

    Hi Mrs R - aint I just being led a merry dance LOL good job I have a good sense of humour!!

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