think I'm out this month :(

hey girls. this is our second month of ttc, last month I managed to spot every possible pregnancy symptom - lol. i am due af on Monday but am pretty sure we are going onto month 3. I cant believe how much I want a baby, I always said I didnt want any and then changed mind to about we have been married a while but since our wedding in aug 09 I have been so broody. we are just taking it all very casually, although naturally after spending time on here I am making sure we bd around the right time of the month! fingers crossed that she doesnt arrive. good luck everyone x


  • hi hun, i think im out this month too, *sulks* onto next month tho! image good luck xxx
  • its awful aint it. when your younger you get taught that if you have unprotected sex you will get pregnant, lol. so crazy when think of all the years avoided it and now want it soo much!!! hope its your lucky month x
  • we will all be bump buddies i hope! x
  • sorry to hear she got you!! yey lots of PMA for June and some lovely due in spring BFPs! ive always thought I wouldnt find concieving easy, hope its not true!
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