new first response tests

Has anyone used those new first response tests yet and got a result? the ones that are supposed to detect at 6 days b4 af? Or anyone know someone who has? Just curious if they do detect that early. ;\)


  • hi babybump,i tried first response the other day,BFN n i was on CD46 but periods prob havent settled down yet or sumat aft cumin off pill.sorry cant b more helpful x
  • Thanks mushie, I was just wondering if they are as good as they are made out to be. I usually use clearblue, so will prob stick to those! x

  • i have found the tesco ones to be good - and cheap as well. Think theyre all the same really, just different names.

    the ones off ebay/net are the same ones my doc uses so they must be good as well although i dint like them much...

    has anyone ever thought - its because we have tests that tell us early we are preg that the number of miscarriages have gone up... (through natural mcs that would have happened anyway)

    so are these tests really doing us any good by telling us even earlier? Or should we just wait until af is due anyway.....?

  • I agree S.Y - I won't be testing until at least 14-15 dpo for that reason. Fertilised eggs failing to implant properly is so common that I woulnd't want to risk getting a chemical pregnancy positive test only for af to arrive anyway. Think it's worth waiting a few more days for a bit more peace of mind.
    After my mc 2 weeks ago I wound't want to fee more loss if I got a really early bfp that came to nothing.
  • I got my BFP on the 6-day early first response tests - but I was 13DPO so not really very early! (I tried one of them at 10DPO too and was negative).
    Hopefully I will get my next BFP on them again xxx
  • Hi joo, how are you hun? Love your teddy pic. xxx
  • I wont be testing until af due on the 1st July, cos I have never been an early tester. I was just wondering if they were any good, as part of me would love to be naughty and test early for a change! :lol:

    I read somewhere that the reason so many women are having 'early mc's' is because the tests detect a 'pg' so early on, and as SB says what would have been passed off as a late period is now put down to a mc. x

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