I want to buy Everything I see !

I want to buy sooo much ! Seen the most adorable moses basket in John Lewis the other day. Seen some beautiful nursery curtains and a great priced cot bed ! I'm not preggers and not 'officially' trying till the end of this week lol. Just keep browsing online for baby stuff ! lol !


  • I'm exactly the same, love having to go to toys r us so I can wonder through the babys r us section. The worst thing is, even if I fell PG this month, I still have to wait for AGES till it's actually safe to buy anything lol
  • hehe, ive picked the pram!!!! Its so tough esp if you have an empty room in the house just waiting. I wont let hubby put anything in there!
  • i'm the same Home Fairy, just reccently moved and have a spare room/nursary an have been looking at loads of things, prams,cots,the lots. its soo difficult to try an hold back, only bn trying for a few weeks, but been planning for ages. x x
  • I think I am the odd one out! I avoid all the baby departments, cos I know I'll get frustrated at not being able to buy anything! x
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