I'm due to ov in the next few days, so monitoring my cm levels internally as I find it really hard to tell from my pants. For the past few days I have been having sticky cm - is this normal before ov? Can semen be mistaken for ewcm?

What method suits everyone for monitoring cm - externally or internally?
How clearly can you tell if you have ewcm on your pants?

Sorry for bombarding you, just interested.


  • Mine is usually sticky before it becomes more slimy(sorry if tmi).I find internally is easiest but do find that my pants get a little damp with it-though hard to tell in this weather(oops tmi again!!). When I think back to when I was younger(39 now) there was loads of it and it was a real nuisance for a day or two!!!

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  • Hi I was going to ask the same thing this morning what should it look like at what stage. I am due to OV this friday so I believe and right now my cm is like loction very thick and white and have no idea if this is right??

    K xxx
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