Luteal phase question - please help.

My af arrived on cd 27, and I got a +ov test on cd 17. This would make my luteal phase less than 10 days, which is below the minimum required for a fertilised egg. This was identical time in December when I fell pg , but later had a mc (no feotus just the sac).

Do you think this is worth going to the doctors about?
Has anyone got a similar luteal phase duration?
Does anyone know how to extend this phase?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • I'd quite like to know anyone's thoughts on this too.

    My AF came on CD26, making my Luteal Phase 12-days.

    I have only been TTC for one proper month though, so perhaps I should wait and see what my next cycle does?

    Sorry to hijack your thread sevans xxx
  • I think your phase is okay as the minimum is 10 days after OV.
    What does everyone else think?
  • Mrs Joo - I have read that 10-14 days is normal and it may extend as your body rebalances.

    As you say ten days and above is considered normal. I do demonstrate a short luteal phase (not every month) which is in my case because of the PCOS.
    Short luteal phase can be a consequence of poor or no follicle developement. As the follicle (corpus luteum) is partially responsible organising the progesterone production. In which case drugs that stimulate ovulation (clomid) would help.

    Otherwise if you are low on progesterone this can be supplemented

    Does this happen every month? If not short luteal phase could correspond to a month you didn't ovulate??

    Some ladies have reported taking vit B6 is helpful for lengthening luteal phase

    Maybe a trip to the GP - they would probably take day 21 (or whatever corresponds to your cycle) progesterone to see what is going on. Worthwhile if they could prescribe something that helps.
    Take care

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  • Hi Jenko
    thanks for your response.

    This month, I am sure I ov'd as I got the ewcm and the + ov test - so that maybe rules that out.

    I did go for a day 21 test in December, but I am not sure if it was truly day 21 as I had a week of very light bleeding followed by a week of heavy bleeding and I ov'd on cd 23. Everything came back fine. I think it was December I got pregant, but I got very light bleeding for a week in January (which I think was implantation bleeding). The time between +ov test in Dec and the light bleeding was only 10 days.

    Do you think it is worth going back to the doctors or do you think I can assume it is okay?

    Do you think it is safe to use progesterone cream without a doctors consent, or do you think it would muck up my regular cycle?
  • Another question I would like to ask, although I have started af today, I haven't had much blood. So hoping it is implantation. Is less than 10 days too soon for implantation bleeding? Today would have been 9dpo.
  • Hey sevans
    I wouldn't take anything until you see the GP eg progesterone cream. It may well be worth getting another progesterone particularly if the last test may not have been spot on with respect to timing.
    I wouldn't advocate the doctor for everything and anything. But with the TTC situation I really feel time can be important.
    Always worth getting the ball rolling just in case
    I would also try gathering as much info on your cycle which will help you and the GP. I have found internet charting useful. There are several sites - I am using fertility friend and charting basal temp CM etc and you have a permanent record of OV days whether you OV and luteal phase length.
    You may well have this info already
    Don't know much about implantation timing.. various estimates I've read 7-12 and 6-11 so it would fit in..

    Hang in there chuck and good luck
    & remember its FRIDAY!!!!!
  • another thought sorry droning on ......

    With the LH aka OV testing you are looking at a hormone that is always present and the test measures it peaking.

    So when you are measuring it it could be on its way up or back down or it is truly at a peak..

    I hope that make sense?

    The sticks don't give numbers just over a certain level.
    SO is not possible to tell whether your level is building or falling
    This is why some people get two days with positive ov tests

    Do you test at the same time each day between sometime between 10 am and 12pm

    If you are taking temp too that is another sign to accurately pinpoint the exact OV day

    A long winded way to say that you might be out slightly on OV day then luteal phase could be 11 days....

    Hope this is not mumbo jumbo

  • hiya, we've been ttc for 6 months and charting cycles with ov sticks and bbt and it looks like I've got a short luteal phase too (8 or 9 days each month). I went to see the doc a few weeks back and she didn't really seem to know much about luteal phases - just said to chuck away the ov sticks and thermometer as they are making me stressed. I've thought about progesterone cream but am really reluctant to start mucking around with hormones. have also tried Vit B6 but haven't had any change (been on it for 3 months now). Anyway, I'm on 4dpo so waiting to see if any change this month. Short luteal phase can be caused by coming off the pill so am hoping it's that! Hope that helps in some small way! xx
  • not a very sympathetic GP Emmsy... !!! Hope your luteal phase rights itself

    I am stunned that the pill can have so many effects. I haven't taken it for years but there are so many stories on here about cycles taking months to come back

    there is a whole lot of talk about stress and TTC. Always a story about someone who stopped trying and got PG. I know people are trying to be encouraging but the stress thing always sounds like it is laying fault at your door.

    No one ever tells the story about the couple who tried for years had IVF then nothing......... it just doesn't sound so good

  • you're right J-Jenko - and the worst thing is, when someone tells you not to stress it just makes the stress worse! x
  • Thanks ladies. When I went to the docs in December, the doc didn't know much, but then it was a man. Don't know if a lady doc would know more.

    I have really only been keeping a written log of symptons for last couple of months. Don't know if I ov'd the month before last, so only have 2 cycles when I know I ov'd -thro use of ov sticks. I tend to use ov sticks at the same time every day, so you are probably right Jenko about not knowing for sure the exact date of ov, if the surge is going up or down.

    I think I'll monitor it again this month, maybe buy a bbt, and if I think I have a short luteal phase this time, I will do to the docs.

    Emmsy - you are right about not mucking about with prog. cream
    Thanks again.
  • I agree with you SB that it adds pressure, but we had tried for 6 months without it, and felt the pressure was on even more then, as I didn't have a clue about my body. It was a case everytime we bd - is this the time. With ov sticks, if I get a -tive test, we will still do it but for a different reason. Plus when I know I have ov'd, we can take a break and chill. I'll see how I get on this month with them

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