Anyone want to be my cycle buudy this month

I'm on cd 2 of approx 35 day cycle
looking for a cycle buddy to compare notes with!!!!


  • Hi Luc86
    Sorry am on cd11/12 at the moment
    Hope you find a buddy :\)
  • sorry. i'd love a cycle buddy. im on day 24 of a 30 day cycle.

  • sorry. i'd love a cycle buddy. im on day 24 of a 30 day cycle.

  • Hey Luc I'm on Day 3 - will that do?? I have a 30ish day cycle. Came off the pill in Decemebr and first cyle was 32 days followed by 2 30 day cycles and my last one was 29 days. I have started using my Clearblue Fertility Monitor and that says I am on Day 2. Started taking Evening Primrose Oil today too so am going all guns ablazing this month!!!

  • Hi I am only on CD4 of 36ish day cycle (close enough hey ??)
  • Can I join you guys? On CD4 today and my AF has already vanished.
  • I'll join you guys if youdon't mind. I'm on CD 3 of a 27 day cycle...

    Just getting over the disappointment of this month's af but trying to foster some PMA for the coming month.
  • heya great to see so many in our club!!
    whats everyones plans for gettin a bfp this month?
    I'm charting temps and am going to but some ovulation tests-not sure which ones are best tho
    baby dust to all
  • Hi Lucy and our fellow cycle buddies. Being trying for alsmost year and I have extremely irregular cycles. Though managed to reduced last cycle to 36days (thanks to Agnus Castus) - prior to that 94 (after MC) and 70!!. Last month I got serious and started Agnus Castus/Sanatogen Pronatal/Double Dose Folic Acid/Omegan (last two recommended by GP) and I used opk's for first time. Today is CD6 and yesterday was my first day of first cycle of Clomid - So I really hoping this is my month !! Baby dust to us all xx
  • Hi Luc
    can I join, am on cd1 today.

    Where did you buy your temp guage and how much was it?

    Im gonna monitor cm and use opk. I plan to bd every other night and when I ov - get dh to go on top, to send spermies near as possible to egg.

    Mugwia - good luck with your clomid. What does that do?
  • Thanks Sevans. Quote" Clomid is a fertility drug used to increase the chance of getting pregnant. It is used to help women ovulate properly during their cycle"
  • CD6 and so far nothing to report apart from a light AF. I'm using AgC to and it seems to be working to reduce my cycle length. Will be using CBFM and ov sticks. Keep trying the temp thing but always forget.

    Just a bit bored at the mo, so trying to keep busy.
  • Hia
    I got my temp gauge from Tesco for ??8.
    What opk's are you guys using?
    I was thinking of buying clearblue digital. They are 3 for 2 on boots online at the mo.
  • I'm on CD 9. Period due on 11th May if my cycle stays at 24 days.
  • Using the cheapie ebay ones, so when it gets close I can test in the morning and evening, so I don't miss OV.
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