Bad timing

Made dr's appt this morning as I've had small amount of bleeding after bd (tmi) and wanted to check out a possible lump on cervix and guess who showed up 10 minutes before the appointment? ...bloody af. Typical. Went to appt anyway and dr didn't seem concerned (in a good way), just said to make an appt with the nurse for when af leaves for a smear and general check!! Lucky me!!!

Roll on attempt number 4:roll:

p.s. does anyone know why i can't get smileys to work?? I can't even do that!!


  • God how typical af has to ruin everything! lol. What a pain, at least doc doesnt seem too concerned about it. good luck with your apt with nurse and fingers crossed for nxt month. xx
  • Absolutly typical! oh no hun! At least you still went to your appointment and things are moving along for you. Good luck for next

    P.s I find the smileys a bit hit and miss, they work better if you press space before placing one, hth
  • Thanks SB. Let's see if it works ... :\)

  • Hurrah!!! At least i can now make smiley's if not a baby!!!!! :lol:
    Minor success I know but a success none-the-less image
    Please excuse any future overdosing of smileys :roll:
  • Oh hun sorry to hear that, onwards and upwards fo rnx month xxxxxx
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