Early pregnancy symptoms

Can anyone provide the link to a website that specialises in early preg symtoms? I know there are loads out there but one of you lovely ladies posted a link a few months back that was really helpful. The site specialised in giving detail of symptoms from 1DPO to pregnancy, all of which had come from reallife pregnancies. Sorry for rambling but it was the best site I'd come across and we OH got me a new laptop recently and I havn't got the link anymore :\? Baby dust to all x x


  • Can't help you I'm afraid but I'd be keen to get hold of the link too! x
  • I didn't see the link before but have found this:


    Don't know if that's the one?
  • I'm interested in this too.
    What are your symptoms at the mo if you don't mind me asking?
  • MrsHobbes - thats it! - thanks so much, will save to my favourites now!

    emmyloop - normal af symptoms to be honest just useful to have the link handy! first month using opks so feel a bit more optimistic but not sure - can you tell I'm lacking in PMA?!
  • I think I'm the opposite! I think I am convincing myself I am PG! I think it would be better not to have my hopes up though... we weren't even actively trying this month, but we didn't do anything to stop it either *ahem*image
  • Hi Rocky!

    I always find this link helpful, I pop over to it every now and then.


  • Hi MPP! That link is also really interesting.

    I'm CD27, last month was first month off the pill and I had a 28 day cycle. Feel like AF is coming, BUT after reading some of the entries on twoweekwait.com I'm a little more optimistic although still think other factors could have caused my possible symptoms. Trying to stay realistic and don't want to get down.

    Had a few random days last week of waking up with a really stuffy nose, had the abdominal aches and pains since OV, was sick all of Saturday (but wasn't sure if it was food poisoning as we'd eaten out the night before and I know a bug has been going round at work), have had bad wind, definitely moody (was abit of stroppy cow at work today!) and feel like AF is on her way - but some of these could point to AF - argh the wait is annoying!!

    Baby dust to all x x
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