bleeding again after 1st AF after D&C?? normal??

hi all---had my first AF after my D&C on the 22nd of Nov (sunday) then i stopped bleeding on 24th/25th...had no blood at thought AF was over--then yesterday the 30th of Nov ---i started bleeding again out of nowhere---just some red last nite and today more brownish (sorry TMI)
is this normal after a d&C??? anyone got any

p.s..had my d&c on the 29th of Oct...


  • Hi there,
    What did you have it for? I've had a few for polyps etc, and seem to remember that I had a bit of random bleeding afterwards, but my periods settled down fairly soon.
    I'd probably see if it settles down, but obviously go to your GP if you're worried!
    Take care, hope it sorts itself out.
  • thanks for the reply Mrslim...i had the D&c for a "Blighted ovum" or a MMC at just over 12 wks---baby was prob gone by just over 6wks,.... was delighed to get my first AF --hoping things would go back to normal--was not expecting a bleed after AF--just seems strange--but im not in pain and its not heavy so il just let it go----however if i was to get pregnant--i wouldnt know what date to use --yesterdays date or the 22nd of Nov!!image
    thanks for your reply..xxxx
  • hi there, I had D+C in May at 7ish weeks for mmc, I bled for about 5 days after, then nothing and started bleednig again another 12 days later - I think this was my body's natural way of reacting to the drop in hcg levels - and having a final 'clear out' (sorry can't think of better way to put it. After this 2nd bleed, things got back to normal, so try not to worry. if you do keep bleeding or it doesn't settle down, see your GP as they my wish to check your hcg levels to make sure all the tissue had been removed

    SE xx
  • Hi again,
    Would say I agree with Starry_eyed, sounds like it should settle down, but if it doesn't, or you start to get smelly discharge (sorry!) would see GP as they may want to check to see if all removed. As for dates - I guess I'd probably use the 22nd Nov, but that is a guess!
    Take care xxx
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