Whats everyone doing for Val Day??

Hi all,

Whats your plans for Valentines Day?? Wish i could say we were doing something exciting but we are going to London next weekend so staying in, we were going to go to the pics to see avatar but hubby is poorly and I have Time Travellers Wife to watch on dvd as hubby bought me it!

Love a good cry and a soppy film, we ae going to have an indian takeaway tonight and then snuggle and watch some tv then I will watch Time Travellers Wife on dvd and hubby will go on his Xbox.

Tomorrow am making us sirloin steaks with peppercorn sauce with jacket potato and side salad for tea followed by banoffee pie yum!!

We might go for a walk too, we have a joint account since getting married, I treated myself to a new Jacket, top and Jeans for weekend away and I got hubby a new t-shirt and I got my DVD. We have cards for each other too so dont think I have done too bad ha ha!!



  • Nothing romantic planned at all...I got a lovely bunch of flowers yesterday & I bought OH a DVD last week.

    Tonight we are going out for an Indian with friends & tomorrow we're going to watch the rugby & have Sunday Lunch with my folks...

  • Flowers are romantic hun, have a good weekend. My hubby doesn't do romance lol x
  • oh I know, I meant we'd not going anything romantic planned as such :lol:
    They are beautiful & I feel very loved! I think after Thursday when I was really down & crying on his shoulder, he wanted to make me feel better...& it worked image xx

    P.S. You have a good weekend too...but an even better one next weekend...very jealous of that, love London! image
  • Hey!!

    We're going to the hotel we got married at for lunch, will be lovely to visit again tho hope its not full of yukky lovey dovey couples!!!

    Cooking us the M&S valentines meal tonight, tho AF is on it's way in and will be crash landing tmrw so not in the mood for romance!!

    Time travellers wife if a fantastic film! Have you read the book? I thought it couldn't possibly live up to the book but it did and it's fab!! Hope you enjoy!!

    Have lovely Valentines days!! xxx
  • I didn't think the film was as good as the book I was quite disappointed image
    I just got back from buying steak for tomorrow and DHs fave ice cream for dessert. Also bought preg tests! Still a bit early to test as not due until at least 18th but got BFP on same cycle day last year so hoping!! How cool would it be to get BFP on val's day *sigh!
  • * good luck seraphina bfp bfp bfp image *

    OH and i r doing nothing we got cards and thats all.
    He is cooking steak tonight (lots of steack this val day :lol: )
    not sure what ill cook 2mro but OH is working till 3ish....
    I have got some cakes planned and wine but i doubt he has anything for me planned xx
  • Lol!! I'm doing steak as well!!

    Normally when you read a book it's much better than the film cos of your imagination etc but I had expected TTW film not to be very good but it really surprised me! I struggled with the book I didn't really get into it until the last 3rd. I think they did a good job of making a film out of quite a difficult story!

    Good luck for testing!! x
  • we are prob going to do the m&s deal too!!! lol

    we have cards each and hubby got me my fave flowers tuplips so i am happy!! he's working till 4 in the morning so will be nice to snuggle up with him!!

  • Mmm steak all round then tomorrow am stuffed just had an indian and then banoffee pie to follow!!

    I havent read the book, I dont really get much time to read these days, am going to watch the dvd tomorrow night will let you know what I think but I have my hankies at the ready!

  • Me and Hubby are havin steak and brandy sauce tomo : ) He is cooking and we are just gonna have a day in, just the 2 of us, and have a proper duvet day with some movies ! Will be loverly !!!
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