hello! newbie alert! :D

hey girlies!! just wanna let you know how excited i am to be here! image DD is 9 months old and we want our babies close together (hopefully!) took us about 3 months to get pregnant before and i have just had my first period since giving birth as i have been breastfeeding. just waiting for af to leave and we will be on it!!
im a bit of a novice when it comes to ovulation and when im fertile and stuff, so hopefully can get lots of tips and help from you lovely ladies!!


  • ARGHHHH I had replied but BE ate it.

    Welcome to the crazy world of ttc.
    I just got my BFP last sunday but will hang about for a while.
    I have a DD who is 13 months. Had planned on a smaller gap but lost my baby at 9 weeks in May.
    The ladies here are wonderful and nothing is TMI which you will soon learn.
    I hope to see you in pregnancy very soon xxx
  • Hi lucyah
    Welcome to BE!! As babylove said the ladies here are awesome and are always around to give advice! Good luck ttc baby number 2!

  • Hey Lucyah
    Welcome to BE! U will get lots of friendly tips and support on here! Lots of lovely ladies to share experiences with and to ask 4 advise xxx
  • hiya Lucyah..
    welcome!!....to the addictive site of BE xx sure u.ll be a holic soon hehe...lovely ladies here!...wether u want advice or to vent....its great!....xx
  • Welcome to the crazy world Lucyah
    Everyone on here is very nice & helpful, however your feeling so I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Hope you don't stay too long though (In the nicest possible way)

    Love Curls xx
  • welcome lucyah,

    The ladies here are lovely and very helpful!
    Good luck and lots of baby dust your way!
  • hiya and welcome image look forward to getting to know you xxxxx
  • lol! im not a newbie to BE! (see post count!) i am a newbie to the TTC rooms though!! image im already addicted to this site, every night after DD has gone to bed im on! hehe!

    thanks for all the welcomes! i hope to get to know you all and that we will all be up the duff soon! LOL! image
  • oooh welcome and good luck x
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