Implantation cramps? Must have been as BFP!!

Hi Ladies,

I have been having light cramping sort of period type pain for days now, my period isn't due until 18th, we were ttc from 30th June up until 3rd July and ever since have had these pains. I've never had pains like this before especially not inbetween periods! Could this possibly be implantation pains or am i just having wishful thinking? I'v done a pg test and it was neg, but i guess if i was preg then it would be too early for a test to pick up?

any advice welcome!


I know I started another thread but have just done a 2nd test now and there are defo 2 big fat pink lines staring back at me, let the worry commence! xxx

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  • I'm having exactly the same. Af is due on the 16th. Yes it is too early to test. I'm dying to test but I know it's too early.
    Let's hope we both get a bfp next week x
  • ooh goodluck to you hun! we've been trying for months now so i'm prayin this is my time. watch this space. xx
  • thanks keri-anne xx
  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I ask what these pains were like?
    I have had a very short and very earl bleed for just 12 hours and had light cramping which just stopped.
    All the best for you pregnancy xx
  • woohooo congrats x
  • Thank you! To be honest I started cramping from ovulating and it hasn't stopped since, very much like period pain really, I haven't experienced any implantation bleeding though? I guess it's all different for each of us, goodluck though Robin81 xx
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