what should i do

hey ladies, heres a bit of history, my af have always been from 4 to 5 weeks apart, but the last 2 cycles theyve been 3 weeks apart, and if i was going by a 3 week cycle again, i would have been due to come on yesterday, and now im a day late. but i dont know if i should test because of the last 2 cycles being 3 weeks apart, or should i wait til next week. but knowing my luck, il get af any time soon lol. but have this urge to test because ive been a bit more relaxed ttc this month, who knows it could have worked. what would you ladies do in my position xx


  • Hey hun, I'm the exact same my cycles are usually 31 days but past 2 months have been 25, I'm on CD22 so I've decided to wait at least 10 days from now (that is of course if the witch doesn't appear before then!) good luck xxxxx
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