dreading af, hope it stays away!

Hey everyone,
im 12dpo took test at 11 dpo which was a BFN image
So dreading af coming on due in next couple of days - anyone else waiting for horrible af today?
It is so frustrating as been symptom spotting and felt like I've had cramps, tiredness, dizziness, nausea (past 2 days) etc... since about 6-7dpo - do our bodies just play tricks on us and tease us then we get our af!
Need a boost of PMA!
Lots of baby dust to you all
Very reassuring coming onto this forum
Rach x


  • Hi RachC, just wanted to say welcome. I'm coming up to ov, so not in same boat. But can give you a little of my PMA, and some baby dust! Our bodies can be so cruel, I was convinced I was pg last month. Good luck, hope the witch stays away. xx
  • Thanks for your reply - i have fingers and toes crossed but have that familiar feeling so keep going to check it hasn't arrived, arghh!
    Lots of good luck and baby dust to you - hope this is your lucky month!
  • Thanks a lot. It's so annoying that af signs and pg signs can be so similar. xx
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