Is it a positive?

3 days befor af and i have tested with a fr, a line is there but kinda faint.. Is it isnt it?????? Xx


  • can u take a pic??????

    If theres 2 lines theni would say (congrats)

    my lines were faint till i was over a week late xx

    Good Luck x
  • Can take pic tomorrow, image xx fingers crossed
  • Hey hun, i have also tested a few days to early. I got a faint line yesterday on an asda one.
    So today i did another asda one, a boots one, an ebay cheapy and a FR. All had lines that were very clear. FR had the lightest line and the boots one had the strongest line with the others inbetween. Some tests just arnt as sensitive as others.
    Sound like you will be getting yourself a xmas bundle.
    Test again tommorrow and sat with fmu and im sure u will see those lines getting darker.

    Hope to see you over in DID.X
  • a line is a line hun, congrats! xx
  • DiD has a nice ring to it!!! Ohhhh image xx
  • image see you there!! x
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