Driving myself crazy!!! Please help!

Ladies help, i am driving myself crazy!!! I am home alone as hubby is at work. We decided to test tomorrow morning when i will be 17DPO!!! image How i have waited this long to test i do not know! I am using everything in me not to go POAS at the moment! I just want to know as i have so many things running through my head as in when my EDD would be, if i could wait until Xmas to tell my close family etc! I just want to know so i can plan! You would think after waiting 17DPO that another few hours wouldn't be such a big deal but it's even worse i think now that i'm that close to knowing!!!

Anyhoo, i am now debating whether to do a cheapy Ebay test when hubby gets home at tea time and then do a Superdrug one tomorrow morning with FMU.

Do you think the ebay cheapy would pick up a pregnancy as it is 17DPO even though it won't be with FMU? Oh god, please someone just slap me and tell me to be patient and wait until the morning!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading ladies, feel better getting it out of my system now!



  • oh my gosh!!! you are a strong woman!!! you have made it this long- just relax (ha ha) and use fmu, it is always the best predictor for your BFP
  • Thanks ally, may make mysef drink loads this afternoon so i won't be able to POAS, lol!
  • aw w bless you, its only one more day to wait... don't give in now!!!
    fingers crossed for you tomorrow xx
  • ooh Nikki - i'm so excited for you and can't wait for your post tomorrow - I have a good feeling about it!!!!

    (i would have caved and tested- you're a better woman than me!) xx
  • Well, the urge to test is now subsiding although i think thats due to the fact that i am still pretty sleepy after a nice afternoon nap, lol! Going to pick hubby up from work shortly and then it will only be a few hours until bedtime and then the morning! It's like it's bloody Christmas already 'if you go to sleep early, Christmas will come quicker!' Or thats what my mum always used to tell me anyway! Going to put my 'pee cup' and HPT in the bathroom for tomorrow morning as i know i'll be up reaaaaaaaally early wanting to POAS! Hubby needs to be prepared for an early morning wake up call, lol! Thanks for talking sense into me ladies. Lets hope tomorrow morning brings the news we are so hoping for. x
  • Good luch for tomorrow hun!! (and well done for having all that patience!) xx
  • You must have read my mind NIKINOOS, I've just had a lovely long nap too and it's true that it makes time fly by! Hope you get your bfp, not long to wait now x
  • Thanks ladies. x
  • make sure you let us know tomorrow! Good luck x
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