Any Good experiences with OV sticks?

I am on month 2 of trying and decided this month i would use OV Sticks.
Has anybody got any positive experiences/advice for these?
I took first last night and no line which i think means that i am not ovulating yet.
I need help girls !!!



  • No line means you aren't ovulating yet. The first time I used them, I got my first bfp (later mc), and last month, I got 2 faint lines (which don't mean a surge, but I assume the surge is increasing/decreasing), and I got my bfp. So they have helped me, but I would also recommend monitoring your cm as well, don't just rely on the ov sticks, and keep bding lots of times ie every other day before ov (and every day around ov)

    Good luck
  • Hi L,
    Like sevans says no line means your not ovulating. The kits should tell you the best time to test in your cycle taking into account your normal cyle days. you may be testing too early or too late. when i used them i always got a +ve line. Again CM is great indicator as this increases before you get the +ve surge.Bding juts before +ve wehen CM is raw egg like is your best chance for getting pregnant as it helps his army to swim through to the egg! Worked for me (27+5)

    Good luck
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