does everyone get a +ve on an ov stick?

evening ladies
i'm on cd 21 and still not had a +ve although thinking about it I'm pretty sure I OV'd last week. Should everyone get a +ve or do you know if it's possible to OV and it not show on a stick?


  • nooo
    Im on cd22 today and still no +? ive had cramping last few days and bit of pinky/brown cm (sorry tmi) but still no + .....ive noticed if i leave the stick on the side and check it after say 30mins the lines are alot darker so think ive been reading them too early but pretty sure i havent missed it.
    Quite alot of the people i speak to on here got a +cd22 so fingers crossed ours are around the
  • ...oh and on the other thread ''why am i not oving-cd17'' someone got a BFP when she didnt get a + all month. just keep bd'in every other day, that way yr bound to catch it. Good luck.xx
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