does anyone know if migraine is a sign of pg????

i;ve only had about five proper migraines in my life and havent' had one for over ten years then yesterday completely randomly got one at about 4pm yesterday. seems a bit weird to me......

i'm prob reading too much into it but wondered if anyone had heard anything like this.....


  • Hi Speckles, bad headaches have been a daily 'treat' for me this last couple of weeks, and i got my BFP today so it's def one of the symptoms. Good luck xx
  • Sorry, I usually get migranes when I am about to start af, but didnt get a full blown one this month when I got my bfp.
  • Think it varies from person to person I'm afraid!!! Some people who have migraines regularly don't get them as much when pg, some get them worse, some who never have them get them and some don't!!! My migraines are definately hormone related as I get them before af and since ttc notice I get them just after ov too! So ... could be a sign or just bad luck!!!
  • I find I get migraines when I am stressed or worried. Have a relaxing bath and try and chill for a bit, it might be a sign but it might be you getting worried about it all that is bring it on. Hoping it is a sign for you though.
  • Migraines can be a symptom of pregnancy, mine allways get worse at the begining of pregnancy then they go completely. I really hope yours is a sign! good luck xxx
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