2nd may attempt

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather. I have cheered myself up after af arriving yesterday by checking my diary and realising that I could still be in with a chance of a May bfp if I have a 24, 25 or 26 day cycle! image
WooHoo!!! image In yer face BFN! :lol:


  • Yey hun!!!!! If were not successful this month then il be right behind u at the beginning of june (boo) my bday is in july so really hoping for a bfp b4 then tho!!!! U sound really positive, i hope u get ur bfp this month hun!!! U using opks or leaving it to MN? p.s the weather is gorg here...but weve prob got the same i guess lol! kim xxxxxx
  • ha ha ha you go girl!!!!

    k xxx
  • Why I am inside on the laptop I don't know!!! Addicted to be I reckon!!! I shall be using ov sticks but will attempt to bd every other day as well. Dh will be happyimage Hope you are successful this month and won't be following me into June. My fingers are still crossed for you! I do feel positive for some reason - maybe I'm looking forward to all th bd (sorry tmi!!) :lol:

  • lol i used to be like that...month 12 this month tho so my enthusiasim has wained a bit lol!!!! Keep ur pma tho its the one thing that gets u thru the 2ww!!! Its part of joining u become totally addicted and need to check on all the goss!!!! I have my excuse im cooking tea and have been in the park all afternoon so i have had enough of the sun!!!! I really hope so to hun...seems like theres no end to this at the mo, am getting a cbm this month tho soooo...fingers crossed!!! Heres to may bfps eh, fingers crossed we get them!!!!! kim xxxxxxxx
  • Me too dg, sort of! I was expecting to get af on the 1st but she came on the 29th Apr so now I'm hoping for a BFP around the 26th!
    woomummy, I'm hoping for a bfp before my birthday in July too!! xx
  • DP loving your positivity honey!!!!! You go for it!x
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