im new and confused!

Hiya girls

Im new to this site and am on first month of trying. I finished my pill middle ish of March. We have been bd'ing every other night but im not sure how long my cycle is. I came off the pill last nov and my cycles were varied from 32 days to 42 days.

So I wanna ask what are very very early signs of pregnany? Is wind one coz i have a lot of that the last few days and pains. Im due on (if it was 28 days) 28th april x


  • Hi SS welcome hun.

    Yes wind, nausea, cramping pains like af is coming, bit more discharge than usual, some have implantation bleeding.

    Headaches the list is endless image sore boobs etc

    If your cycles have been irregular I would wait at least 14 days after you last Bd and take a test then and if negative wait 2-3 days and so on as levels double.

    Good luck hun

  • thanks hun!! This ttc stuff is hard work, hope its happened already xx
  • Hi s.s. welcome to TTC image Hope you have sweet and hopefully short stay.
    If your AF is due on 28th then it is far to early for any pg symptoms. Don't want to discourage you but you gonna drive yourself crazy if you start SSing this already.
    Good luck and lots of babydust xxx
  • Hello and welcome! Did you come off pillnov or march?
    If it's march then what you are feeling is pretty normal - I've had these sysmptoms and metallic taste etc and reading some posts on here most women have when they come off the pill. Best not to ss (easier said than done) but just have loads of fun with ttc. Goodluck and babydust to us all! xxx
  • hi s.s and welcome, u mst be due to test around the same time as me! so good luck.

    p.s have the same answers as aove, but thought i would message anyways image
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