nervous newbie

Hello everyone.Im so new to this,never posted anything in my life.Been logging on for a while now as ive been ttc for 6mths now.Every one of yuos has given me bundles of info & when ive been feeling down when af arrives theres always someone in the same boat. I have an 8 yr old son called kyle and would love to have another one. Fingers x.


  • hello and welcome.. think it is a really nice place to share topics that you just can't with other folk!
    good luck
  • Hi and welcome as well, I have found everybody on here sooo sweet and helpful and there is always somebody here to help pick you up image

    K xxx
  • Hi I'm new as well, I haven't actually started TTC yet but will be after my hol in June, I've just been 'lurking' for a while and got loads of useful advice and tips x
  • Hi and welcome mrsalston, you will soon get the hang of it all! The ladies on here are wonderful and as you say theres allways somebody in the same boat. xx
  • Hi MrsAlston, I'm pretty new here too and the girls really seem to help each other through. There are just some things you can't talk about with other people!! Good luck with trying and keep us informed. xx
  • thankyou. i agree u all seem to really care for one anothers feelings. looking foward to giving my dh some long needed ear rest!!!
  • Hi and welcome nervous newbie.

    Still consider myself a newbie, but being on here is fantastic, everyone is lovely and like you oh has been grateful of the ear rest.

    Take care and fingers crossed for a BFP soon.

    Rachel x
  • Hi mrsalston,
    This is definitely the place where anything goes. No topic won't have been discussed before, or have someone wondering the same thing! xx
  • Hi Hunny! Welcome to the site. Look forward to chatting! Good luck xxx
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