think i might be..yey!

was sulking this morning as still not had AF (irreg Af since pill) and just want to get on with trying properly next month...but did a test expecting BFN and a faintish (but not too faint) line apeared!! BFP BFP

So fingers crossed it is not my eyes decieving me and i have a sticky bean. Looks like the 'were not trying but not not trying' excessive BD approach has worked for us.

fingers crossed ladies

off to by more HPT's

baby dust to all you lovely lovely ladies



  • Congrats hun, great news : ) .x.
  • Congratulations! Wow, what an amazing surprise that second line must have been! Do you have any symptoms yet? What made you test do you think? xx
  • Congrats huni xx
  • Thata brill news. I ve been using some cheap ov tests and haven't had a +ve yet so just bding to be on the safe side! Do u have any idea what ur due date would be? X
  • Congrats hun, hope its your BFP

  • Congratulations hun! x x x
  • Thanks ladies...honestly didnt think i would be so lucky and happen so quickly.....i so hope it happens for you all soon.

    tilty- dont know why tested reaally just cant resist if there are any tests in the house! ha. No symptoms yet really, with my son i felt pregnant but then i didnt test till week or so just keeping PMA, not everyone has symptoms straight away right??

    Love within- the digital ones are the best arent they! he went to two shops yesterday to get one but they didnt have any then met a friend so could not look anymore ha grrr...see you in DID xx

    lydiasmummy- having had an AF of 41 days last month i thought i cant POAS all month, thought easier and more fun to BD ALOT...hopefully it will work for you too x no idea on date assuming it was a 28 day cycle it would be 16th...if 40 it would be boxing day so will wait and see.....rather not be xmas day but hey ho what will be will be xxxx

    (wierd dont want to talk to much...still dont want to jinx it)

    Anyways thanks ladies...will be following you all hoping you join me soon.... baby dust to all xxx
  • massive congrats xxx
  • oooo well done hun! congrats! x
  • Aww honey thats fab! Let us know when you do your CBD test. xx
  • congrats hun heres to a H&H 9 months
  • congratulations!! see you in DID image xx
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