Hello from HOT HOT HOT Orlando!

Hiya girls!

Finally found somewhere nearby with internet access and couldn't resist taking a peek and seeing how you all are!

We're having loads of fun - but I have got bad sunburn! Did really well with suncream but went on the beach with a quad bike (SO much fun!!!) and missed creaming my feet - ouch!

Hubby and I have been BD'ing every other night and I got EWCM a couple of days ago - so we did it a few extra times.

Going to stock up on American pregnancy tests - they're cheap and fun looking! They're all EARLY tests too! LOL No smiley face tests like I saw in Juno yet tho...

The holiday is doing us good in terms of getting over losing our little Henry Bean, but we have surprised ourselves by thinking about him a lot more than we expected too. We have been a bit naughty and brought two baby gro's for when we finally get our baby. A little red one from Universal that says THING 1 on it (Dr Seuss) and a yellow M&Ms one! Silly but we love them!

Wanted to wave a special hello to Baby B and Mrs A if you read this - hope you are both doing ok.

Can't wait to have a proper catch up on everyones news!

Missing you - yes really!

Love Mrs Joo xxx


  • So pleased your both happy, you and your oh carry on having fun, you both deserve it.
    Lots of love x x
  • Hi Joo! *waves*. So glad to hear you are having such a fab time. And Im not in the SLIGHTEST bit jealous of you! :lol:

    Dont blame you for getting those babygrows, they sound cute! (especially the 'thing 1! :lol: )

    Really nice to hear from you, and hope your feet are better soon (ouch!) also hoping you sneak a little 'extra' something thru customs with you! image

    See ya soon, xxx
  • Hey! Glad to hear your having a fab time! Put some neat lavender oil on your feet before you sleep (it's ttc safe as well) !!
    Hope you come back with a special "souvenir"!!
    Maxi xxx
  • Hey Mrs Joo! Glad you're having a good time image

    The babygros would be hard to resist - I'd love a "thing 1" and "thing2"!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the time image
  • You sound like your having a fab time,, thats gr8, you deserve it. Enjoy the rest of your hols. Sxx
  • hello!! lovely to hear from you!! glad you are having a good time you deserve to image

    look forward to catching up when you return xxx
  • Sounds like you're having a brilliant time. Hope you come back through customs with a hidden bean!!!xx
  • HEY JOO!!!! *frantically waves back with big grin*!!!

    So lovely to hear from you. Glad you're having great time. Got your email - am off to work soon so I will reply when I get in this evening.

  • Hi honey image

    Wow you lukcy think you sound like you are having a fab time!!!!! Your poor feet though Ouch!!

    Ahh the little outfits sound sooo cool a baby would look soo cute in them.

    You enjoy yourself and relax and speak to you soon.

    k xxx


  • Helloooo Mrs Jooo (that nearly rhymes lol!)

    Glad you are having a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Speak to you soon

    (Mrs A - also saw face book and thought Mrs Joo was back. Was really confused as I thought the 2 weeks had gone very quick lol!)
  • Hi Joo
    Glad you are having a fantastic time.Look forward to hearing all about it.

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