Varying AF lenths (not cycle lengths) - normal?

Hi all,

I hope everyone is blessed with an equally beautiful and sunny Sunday as I have here in Scotland! image

I have just finished my second AF after coming off the implant (third if you include my withdrawal bleed). They have been regular so far at 29/28 day cycles.

The WB and the first AF were 2 days of heavy-ish bleeding (no clots) 2-3 days of light, with a couple of days of brownish spotting on and off afterwards.

This time my AF finished yesterday on CD3. CD1 was much heavier than last time and more painful with several decent-sized clots. I am assuming this time it was shorter because it just came out more quickly, hence the clots / worse pain etc.

What I am wondering is, is it normal for AFs to be different each month? As in sometimes last 5 days, sometimes last three / sometimes have clots, sometimes not? Or is this just because my hormones are still settling down after the implant was removed in early Feb?

I'm not really concerned/worried, merely curious about whether my AFs may carry on being different experiences each month. Did my uterus merely go a bit over-enthusiastic with the cramping this month and push everything out in super-quick time?

Do other people's AFs vary like this, or is it just common in the few months after coming off the pill/implant?



  • Hi Tilty,

    I think its more likely to be your body getting used to working on its own hormones and not the ones that the pill/implant produce.
    I came off the pill end of feb, had a withdrawel bleed then AF came last monday - same as you - some spotting, some brownish then I had a day of bleeding properly, nothing sat then slight red yesterday and today.
    We also forget what a 'normal' period is due to being on the pill/implant.
    How are you feeling today? Have things settled down? xx
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