WHHHY! why is the 2WW SO hard!

sorry - just wanted a moan! i HATE the 2ww so much! i want to test all the time and the 3 pg tests sitting in the bathroom dont help - everytime i go to the loo! every twinge is now a 'symptom' and i'm trying so hard to not look into it all so much! every morning i am praying my BBT is still high and keeps climbing and my heart is beating so fast each time i read it!
its so sad isnt it!

rant over! x


  • awww i no hun! its poo, and i havent even had a real 2ww yet! kepp getting random AFs turn up so dont really no where i am at the mo. do u have any symptoms? omly 1 week left for u to wait hun! get your OH to hide ur HPTs? xxxxx
  • hi *me* - hiding the tests is a good idea! but he wants me to test as much as i do! haha!
    that sucks about all your random af's - when was your last one? are you using opks or anything yet?
    symptom wise, i am trying SO hard not to get drawn in, as at 6/7DPo i am sure i wouldnt have any real ones yet. but i do feel sick in eve/morning after breakfast and had bad taste in my mouth yesterday. i also have bad back cramps - like af. really trying not to look too much into them though, as it will be a killer if i get BFN next week. fingers crossed i dont tho! x
  • awwww hope its a BFP then! try hold out as long as u can! its sweet OH wants to test as much as you tho! bless him! my last AF started yeserday, and then had one 12 days b4 that image so have no clue what my bodys doing! came off my pill end of jan, so im thinking my bodys just confused? lol, mite get some OV sticks or a CBFM, if it goes on much longer tho image
  • oh no - thats so wierd that your body is doing that! i hate the pill and i hate our bodies sometimes. i just wish we could have some kind of print out every morning saying what our body was up to! haha!
    if you want a cheaper option, maybe you could get a BBT kit - then you could check out your temps and chart it and get an idea of what your body is doing - only ??12.99 from boots! i have found it really helpful this cycle.
    my body took a while to get back to normal - this is my first 2ww and i have been off pill since beg dec - so hopefully you should be sorted soon! xx
  • hahaha a print out would be great! lol. ooo i hope its sorted soon too! ooo could get one of those! sounds good, im currently trying to convince h2b into letting me buy a CBFM lol, good luck with ur testing! let us know! xxxx
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