I think you're all going to get sick of my complaining...

...but my-oh-my do I feel weird. Ok I've never been pregnant so I have nothing to compare my symptoms with but they're very clear symptoms! I'm going to be so disappointed if AF arrives/I keep getting BFNs but either I'm pregnant or I'm ill. My bbs are getting more painful and they're never usually sore, not even before AF. They feel a bit bigger too. I keep getting stomach cramps, especially when I lie down and I'm very hungry lately but I'm not enjoying my food when I'm eating it.

Like I say, you're all going to get sick of my symptom spotting but I can't help it! I have to tell someone...I don't really talk to the OH about symptoms because I don't want him getting too excited!

Aaaaaargh Saturday night and I'm obsessing about pregnancy, help me!!



  • aww bless ya hun sorry your in limbo but as i have long cycle i have sort of got use to not SS sometimes i feel diff but then i always come on a few weeks later i feel diff this time round but i have been taking metformin so at the min i will just wait till the 15th test if a BFN then i will just brush it off i would say when is AF due if your late by more that 10 days go to the doctors is there any other reason you could have messed up AF's ie just come off the pill or stressed any of the factors could play a big part in why AF has not turned up
  • Hey!!
    I am the symptom spotting too!!! I only ov'd a couple days ago!! Lol

    what are your cycles like when did you ov!!

    Symptoms sound good! When I was pg with lo I had no idea was due on the weds and we were going on holiday to ibiza on the Sunday! I tested on the Saturday just to check and there was the bfp!!!

    I had no symptoms until complete nausea at 7 weeks!!! Lol

  • the only thing i have thins month completely diff from any other months is i can not keep awake
  • Thank you meagnella! I try not to SS, I really do but this month has gotten the better of me I must say. AF isn't even late though, I have very, very irregular cycles but if the last 2 are anything to go by (50+days) then I should be due on next Sunday. It's ok, I'm just losing itimage xxx
  • lol thats ok if you can chat to us then who can you chat to is that normal for you tink or did you just come off the pill if not go chat to your doctor about it

    how long you been trying for
  • I have irregular cycles too!! My last one was 76 days!!! This one will be 44 ish days!!
    Last year they ranged from 21 to 76 days!!! It's sooo annoying!

    S/s is natural when you want something so bad!!

  • yeah thats true but for me i have always stop myself from SS as i don't want to disappoint this month is a little diff but not even gunna get my hops up
  • I have long irregular cycles too - doesn't it feel lonely. Everyone on here seems to go on about a 2ww and like you guys I have irregular and long periods so really cannot connect with them as it is alien to me to know what my boday is doing. Have you guys been to the docs then about your cycles and if so what did they say? I don't want to waste time until 12 month ttc if it will be pointless anyway. we all know we shouldn'd SS but with long cycles it is hard not to. I am currently on CD53. i was convinced earlier in the week that i was pregnant. i thought my belly was swelled (stupid this early i know) and i had back ache. Got a BFN this morning and feel like poo now.

    Why do we do this to ourselves. We should just wait. It we were pregant then we would find out soon enough anyway but it is so much easier said than done. especialy when hubby keeps asking is the wicked witch has come yet and his face lights up when i say no.

    anyway good luck everyone.
  • meagnella; we've been trying for roughly a year on and off. This time round has been about 4 months with a wee blip in the middle (OH started new job and wanted to put TTC off for a little bit).

    Long cycles are the worst! Especially when they seem to be getting on track and then all of a sudden you're back to months and months with no AF or BFP! Sooooo frustrating!

    Aww mrsshep, our time will come! I don't know why we put ourselves through it either although I do sometimes enjoy the possibility that I may be preggers! I've been to the docs a couple of times about my cycles, I just kind of got brushed off with "there's nothing wrong with you, exercise more and stress less". I've had a blood test for PCOS but no scan...bloods came back as neg though so I suppose that's a good sign! Then again that was before TTC, grr!!!

    I love the ladies on here, very supportive!

    Babydust to all!!!! xxxxxx
  • Aw honey, i feel sorry for that situation you're in, its just rubbish feeling so hopeful, but also scared you'll be let down.

    I too have stupid cycles, as well as getting highs for OVing, but my body not actually doing anything!! grrrr-so very sick of it!!

    Just keep us all up to date and we'll be there for you!
    x x x
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