BFN and temp drop...gutted

hi girls,

well i caved in and tested early - BFN of course, wasnt so gutted about that - but when i work up this morning, temps were down for the second day in a row. GUTTED.
i thought we had done it this month and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

temps still above coverline - but they are wierd, 2 months ago, they went down slowly, over 5 days, last month, they went down over a degree, on the day AF came. very stupid and confusing.

BOOOOOO!!!!!! need a glass of vino tonight! xx


  • But she isn't here yet so don't count yourself out - fingers crossed! x
  • thanks tiger boo - very true. hard to think about when temp drops though!
    i had a few glasses of vino last night and this morning, my temo went right up high again! feel bad for drinking now! temp does rise slightly when drinking, but not by this much ever. fingers crossed, AF due on thursday xx
  • Your not out yet huni good luck for thursday!!
    Luv clare
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