Havent caught up with you for ages - hows things?


  • Oh hello missy that was a stoke of look, iv not been on this forum for a while but thought id pop in and see whats going on.
    Well after 13 long months I got my BFP a few wks back. Had to have clomid as I found out Id got PCOS but on my 3rd cycle of it finally got my bfp.
    Im 7 wks today and have an early scan next wk to check everything is in the right place image

    Where are you at now honey?
  • OMG hun - how fantasic, im so pleased for you both xxxxx I bet you cant believe it xxxxx

    Things have sort of progressed. Have been to the fertility clinic, but have been turned away for the moment until I lost about a stone as BMI is a little high. Have just this week seen a Gynae as my period lasted 13 weeks and my GP referred me. The good thing resulting in that is that he was so very thorough and basically have me an internal scan and tour of my womb!!! And the good news is that I have absolutely no sign of PCOS, fibroids, endo etc. I saw my oestrogen levels, all my milllions of eggs in my ovaries etc, it was actually quite amazing. His summary is that there is nothing medically wrong (which is great news) but would probably need Clomid to kick start things if my ovulation didnt come back. So overall, things are mooving forward, been 16 months now. As much as its a step forward its taking its toll and is still upsetting - I think xmas will be hard this year,

    ANyway enough about me, congrats again hun, im really really pleased for you - you must keep in touch and let me know how you're getting on.
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