Advice needed please

I'm almost 4 weeks post ERPC for a mmc and have been having weird cramping type AF pains off and on since last tuesday. I thought I had an infection so I went to my GP who gave me antibiotics "just in case" but I don't have a temp and aren't feeling unwell at all. Has anyone else had the same thing? Also could these cramps be a pg symptom? I'm ralso feeling really bloated now..I am really trying not to get my hopes up but finding it really hard.


  • Oh, I don't really know the answers I'm afraid hun. I was given antibiotics after mc too 'just in case'.

    If you think you ov'd then it could be pg symptom. Could you do a test just to check? Or it could be your body doing odd things after mc. Good luck though. Fingers crossed it's a good sign. xxx
  • sarah i had something similar last week and AF turned up...but then again i had funny feelings before BFP so not sure what it could be.
    as hard as it is i would wait a few more days then test if still similar. i've forgotten - have you ov'd?
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