CBFM Question!

I wondered if any fellow cbfm users could help! I've got a high today and am expecting a peak tomorrow and saturdayand then another high on sunday. Just wondered what you ladies do in terms of when you are doing the deed! I'm not sure if we should go for it 4 days running or whether thats not a good idea? We last did the deed on tuesday.

Would really appreciate any advice as have been trying a few months now and wondering if we are timing things right!!!!!!!



  • I got my second peak today and we BDd the day before yesterday, yesterday and today - we probably will again tomorrow but for fun to try to keep it feeling relaxed.

    Good luck!
  • Hey,

    I got my peak yesterday and today.
    I Bd sat, Mon, Yesterday and i will tomorrow morning (i would have tonight, but my OH is working away)

  • Thanks for the replies ladies. I suppose when you know when it's the best time you need to go for it!
  • G/C from pregnancy... Hope you don't mind me sharing :\)

    We got our BFP 2nd month of CBFM and I kept a record of when we BD on what days that month...

    CD 15 CBFM Low - BD
    CD 16 CBFM High - No BD
    CD 17 CBFM Peak - BD
    CD 18 CBFM Peak - No BD

    And that was it!

    I also kept a record of our 1st month when we didn't get a BFP.

    CD 9 CBFM Low - BD
    CD 12 CBFM Low - BD
    CD 13 CBFM Low - BD
    CD 14 CBFM High - BD
    CD 16 CBFM High - BD
    CD 17 CBFM Peak - No BD
    CD18 CBFM Peak - BD

    Good luck to all you ladies. Beth 30+6 xx
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