I'm new here!

Forgive me but i'm new to this site - i've been lurking for awhile as it seems the best site i've seen!
I thought i'd introduce myself. I'm 37, have been married for 8 years and TTC baby no.1. I came off the pill in January 2009 and we really properly started trying in February this year.
I'm obsessed. I eat anything that is recommended, follow my cycle like clockwork (although haven't gone down the route of checking my ovulation regularly (i really should), and i've been having acupuncture and reflexology for the past 3 cycles just to regulate myself.
OH says that 'if it's meant to be it'll happen' but i can't help thinking that time has passed us by (OH is 44).
Trying to pluck up the courage for a 'i think it's time to get the men counted' talk with OH but i'm actually convinced it's all my fault and the fact i've been on the pill for about 15 years!
My cycle seems to have settled into a nice 27 days the last 2 times so that might be sorted.
We even went to Paris last month as apparently 'everyone gets pregnant in Paris'. No pressure then!
Only 2 of my best friends know that we're TTC.
It's soooo frustrating though. I just want to be a mummy!

So sorry for the rant!!



  • Hi Tashy and welcome xx I think we are all slightly obsessed so you will settle in nicely!!! I'm 35 and TTC our first (Hubs is 33) so know how you feel about thinking time is passing by and we have lost our chance! But many women have babies at greater ages than us so there is no reason to assume you can't hun xx Here's hoping you get your BFP really soon xx
  • Hey Tashy.
    Welcome to BE. Everyone on here is great and a rant always helps so rant away. Hopefully you won't be in ttc for too long sounds like your doing everything you can. I'm lucky enough to have a son and we are ttc #2. I totally obsessed about falling pregnant with ds and we stopped trying 2 months before our wedding and that's when I fell preg so we are trying to take a relaxed approach this time (yeah right, ive got 11 days till testing and I'm already pulling my hair out)

  • Hi tashy welcome to the site. Everyone here seems to be really firendly, supportive and helpful. The first thing I'd say is you need to know when you are ovulating. it is great that you are eating the right foods etc but if you don't know when you ovulate then chances are you are missing your most fertile time of the month. Either try googling ovulation signs or try some OPKS or buy a CBFM. This is my first month of using a CBFM and month 3 of ttc and i love how it tells me when I am at my most fertile time of the month. I really hope you don't mind me saying all of this but it could be something as simple as knowing when you ovulate in order for you to get your BFP. Fingers crossed, lots of luck and I look forward to hearing your bfp news soon xxx
  • Hi hunni and welcome. I'm 30 & dh is 25, we are on month 1 of ttc baby no2, we have an 18 month dd called Abi. We were supposed to be taking it easy and "seeing what happens" but already I find myself obsessing, it's so easy to do :lol: I've got a CBFM and will be using this from next month. All the ladies on here are lovely and it's nice to have people to share your experiences with. Hope you get your BFP soon hunni xx
  • hiya and welcome, omg first of all, i need to go to paris then! lol. and its never too late hun. go to docs and see what they say? its worth a go? then they should be able to help if u need it? i am 21 ttc no1, and hubs is 23. i am having bloods done to check im oving this month and hubs is having a sperm count haha! ew! x
  • Aww you're all so lovely i think i'm going to enjoy my time ttc image

    I had my bloods done one of the first months we tried as i thought i had PCOS but doc said i had quite low progesterone so it's likely i don't ovulate very regularly. Eek!
    So i tried using Persona but I got fed up with getting up early and half the time i forgot. Have seriously been considering CBFM though, maybe this might be a better option - does it actually detect whether you're OVing or does it take a random guess? I think Persona is a random guess based on a few cycles
    Oh btw - I'm on day 23 today and due AF on Sunday (really hope that witch stays away!!)
    Been eating brazil nuts and drinking pink grapefruit juice this week but i have a sneaking suspicion that AF will still make an appearance at the end of the week image
    I look forward to all your news and BFP's very soon!
  • Hi and welcome hon,

    Like everyone says we are a friendly bunch here. There is always someone can answer a question or just listen when you are having one of those days xx

    I am 35 so know about the time pressure, we are very lucky though and have a beautiful son who is 1 and my world we have just started ttc no 2, I do have PCOS so on 2nd month.

    Hope you get your bfp soon hon xx
  • Hey hun welcome to the wonderful world of TTC we are a lovely bunch of crazy ladies on here lol. Like a little family I think image

    I am 28 and TTC for baby no 1....OH is 32.....on month 2.

    Hope you get your BFP very soon bab xxxxx
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