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Just a quick post to say that when we were trying for a baby I bought ALL the books on fertility and conception and did 'all the right things' and every time my period came at the end of the month I felt like I had been smacked in the face. That happened for 5 months (not long I know but i felt crushed none-the-less) and by the 6th month we both felt down and drained from the whole "I'm still not pregnant" thing. so we decided to take a break and not try for a few months (i.e don't make ourselve have sex because 'its day 14' etc) and perhaps it was just a coincedence, personally I don't think it was, but I didn't come on my period that first month of not trying and I now have a 3month old son. So... give it a go and stop trying so hard...
lotsa love x


  • Thanks hannah88 - i think this is part of our problem - we try too hard and look into everything too much! He is gorgeous BTW!! xx
  • Good advice Hannah88, I don't know if I could 'not try' i'd know my cd so would be trying to sneak in some bding mid cycle!! Obviously worked for you 2, and what a cutie!!!!

  • Great advice hun, I know that when I have not thought about ttc and got on with my everyday life I feel more relaxed. This month we have BD every other day from cd7 without realising (only noticed when looked in diary) so Im hoping its worked. so cute btw!!! xxx
  • I'm glad my advice is helpful for you all :\)
    sasha x, by 'not try' I didn't mean we literally wern't trying. Just chill out and chances are you will get the bding in at the right time anyway as you are fertile for a good few days usually!

    I found it a whole lot more special when i wasn't doing it on purpose, so to speak. I think we changed how we did it because we changed the reason why we did it. We stopped doing it because we loved each other and started doing it because we had to to make a baby! Which is Ironic because we wanted a baby because we love each other!

    Thanks for all saying how gorgeous and cute he is!!!

    Good luck to you all and I hope you all have your own gorgeous cuties before you know it!
    Lotsa Love
    Hannah and Baby Daniel x
  • I just wanted to add that this is how we conceived as well, just having regular sex as normal when we wanted it and not thinking about ovulation, and cm etc.
    It is hard to do but keep yourself busy doing other things and it make work for you too.xx
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