AF came : CD1 Friday 19th March Cycle buddies wanted

So I start month 4 :\(

Anyone else around CD1 who wants to be cycle buddies?

Jen x


  • hi
    sorry 2 hear that. i'm on cd1 today so i'll be ur cycle buddy if u want?

  • heya, im on cd 2 so kind of your cycle buddy! xx
  • CD 2 today for me so I'm in! Thought i'd cracked it this month - did all the right things at the right times.

    This will be month 3 of trying following my mmc in January.

    How long are your cycles ladies? Mine is usually around 26-28 days so should be oving around March 31st. :roll:
  • Hi All, new on here but in need of some support. I am on CD3 of my sixth cycle ttc #2. I'm lucky enough to have a DS aged two but would love a sibling for him.

    My cycle is a bit longer than yours, baby on board, at around 31 days.
  • Hey Jennifuree!
    Sorry to hear that AF got you too! I was wondering how you were getiing on image

    Here is to Chirstmas babies!

  • hi i was on CD 16 today and got a positive on my OPK on fri and sat (yesterday) but for some reason iv started bleedin today image not sure why as AF not due till bout the 3rd April.. so guess im bk to CD1 could do with some support to xx
  • Hey girls nice to have some buddies I also have a 31 day cycle bubblicious and am also day 3 so looks like we be testing same day!

    Mrs Cake - nice to see you again was gonna come find you on Curls thread to chat but haven't got round to finding it yet! we thought we did it right as was feeling sick but it was a bug! lol not only got AF but got nasty flue bug too lol

    Bella10 welcome - hopefully your cycle will sort itself out soon xx

    babyonboard,Sian and missy moo how arre you all getting on?
  • Hey Cycle Buddies,

    How have we all been today? I hate this bit when you're waiting to ovulate. I'm using the CBFM as I don't really have ovulation symptons; it takes the guesswork out of it.

    Been trying to keep busy to keep my mind of ttc.
  • Hey Jennifuree, Sorry to hear AF got you...& now your cycles not the same as ours anymore image Aren't out bodies strange image
    Would be nice to still keep in touch though, to see how your getting on!!!!

    Baby dust to you & my threads called CD9ish - Anyone want to join me....CD9 in red, should be easy to spot if you want to join us!! The more the merrier!

    x x x x
  • I use OPK's last month forthe first time and it showed that I had been thinking I was ov'ing earlier than I was... still didn't work though lol hopefully this month will be different!

    Curls: will come chat on your post!
  • Hi Ladies,

    Yes, I realised that I had also been thinking that I ov'd earlier in my cycle so last month was the first time that we were bd'ing at the right time, I think. We have all been suffering with coughs and colds for the past month or so, too so hoping that was a factor and that things will be different for us too this month.

    Speak soon.
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