Too much Bd??

Hiya everyone - just wondering how often everyone is bding around ovulation. As i don not know how long my cycle is i am going for everyday for ten days around ovulation. Too much do you think?? What's evryone elses plan?? x


  • thanks very much - i was hoping you would say thats way too much lol!!!! S'pose i should be enthusiastic but sometimes i wish i could just go to bed to sleep sometimes! ha ha!
  • Thanks everyone for the advice! Might go for every other day with a quickie in between to catch the egg of guard!! I'm going for an all out assualt on the little 'un so there can be no escape for it this month!! Goodluck everyone!
  • sperm can survive for 5 days so it is down to the individual. Although sperm are better 'fresh' as they have more swimming power!! So i would say either every day or every other day is about right!!
  • :lol: My DH is so lazy that we just about manage it every other day around ov time and once every week or 2 the rest of the time :lol:

    Another compelling argument against bding every day is that Zita West said that if you go for it every day in the run up to ov, you and OH might get knackered and stop bding altogether and then miss the critical time, if that makes any sense?


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  • i am not letting im run out of steam - it might be everyday but it is certainly no marathon! We dont exactly have much action unless ov time, maybe once a fortnight! Otherwise there is no way i would be able to keep up these antics lol!!
  • I'm going for a least a quickie every day! Setting oh's alarm literally three minutes before usual time to get at least something done before we get up.

    So funny to watch him come to with a smile on his face as he realises I'm demanding more sex!
  • Every other day for me, I don't think I could handle it every day, not because I wouldn't want to but because since I had my baby 13 m onths ago and I tore and they cut me, its never felt the same down there hehe
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