I really dont know what is going on?? updated with pics :x

As you know I got my af last week started spotting and had a slightly heavier bleed, to be honest I wasnt convinced it was AF no pain and it didnt look like a normal af.

Anyway before that I was getting faint lines on SD tests and FRER I stopped testing with FRER and just used SD, Predictor etc the lines never got any darker to say Omg I have a BFP! This is totally stressing me out now a week later after I had the af spotting, I am spotting again only this time browny yellow when I wipe, I have CM again and feel wet below.

I rang the doctors this morning they dont have any appointments until 24th April, good job am not dying!!!! :lol: My boobs are still sore etc from ov/af so I would have thought my body would return back to normal after our af's?

Can anyone help me am demented I dont know why my body feels the need to torture me every month :\?

I got a pos OPK on 8th Mar so at the latest I would be 21/22 dpo, do you think its possible to have late implantation and for some of your period to still come through? I poas on Sun night as it was my last SD test and nothing but then all this week have still been having a show whether its af or implantation no-one knows am soooooooo fed up right now!!

Also I have still been getting weird cramps in my belly, mainly on right hand side, fingers crossed we have a shy beanie if not I would like my body to just work properly and stop sending out all these BFP symptoms as every month I seem to get it sooooooooo wrong!!


Thanks xx

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  • Grrr, BE ate my reply, serve me right for not copying it first!!

    I had a full blown af when I was pregnant with ds. It was only when I was late for my next af that I tested, and wasn't until the scans that I realised how far along I was. My mum was almost 5 months pregnant with my sister before she knew, as she had af until then!! Some women get afs throughout their pregnancies which is very odd I think! But it happens quite often apparently.

    Anyway, it could be a lost BFP, a BFP bean getting comfy, or just your body playing tricks, so I'd suggest getting another SD or FRER test and doing it again. Plus is there a local family planning clinic near you? Go there, they will talk you through your symptoms etc and can do a test for you, and might help set your mind at rest until you can get in to see the docs.

    Really hope your body decides what its up to soon hon!! FIngers are crossed and sending huge hugs your way xxx
  • SD - any update today?
  • SD - I have had brown CM most days since my BFP (now 7+3)
    I've also had a morning of red blood.

    If you are pg - it could be implantation, AF type bleed around your normal period like Garfield says, or you get more blood around your uterus anyway and can get friction bleeds easily too. Then there are Cervical Ectropians (rough bits which bleed alot too). I'd try another SD test and keep up the PMA!!

  • Hi all

    Well am shocked have done a FRER test tonight not with fmu but was bursting for the toilet and after a min a line appeared am not sure if its a BFP or not because yes once again am back to faint lines only this time the line seems darker than last time I tested with a FRER which was ages ago.

    I feel like a fraud coming on here all the time saying I have a line, i get af etc but honestly I swear am not making this up, maybe I just have a shy bean or my cycles are still messed up if I had a chem pregnancy.

    Anyway the line is there but not very convincing so guess its just a case of waiting a few days now and testing again.

    Am not going to get my hopes built up again but if I had a chem preg could that be why I have had a faint positive??

    Thanks everyone for being so patient am just at the point now where i think what the hell it will happen when it happens.

    Also I am still getting cramps etc but no blood anyone its gone to a creamy yellow colour so again not sure what that means and it could be my body having a good old clear out!!!

  • SD can you post a pic? xx
  • hey the hun, my 1st bfp was very faint then i did 4 more which were darker and then cbd which said pregnant. since then i have been have mild af like cramps and a yellow colour mucus so dont loose faith, it could be your bfp xxx
  • Oh SD this is such an awful time your going through but I do think it looks good hun.
    Try and put a pic up as there are a few of us who have had v v faint lines and have been pregnant.

    My fingers are tightly crossed for you xxx
  • Hi MrsR i would love to post a pic but I dont have the cables for my phone its new and i took a pic on that.

    I could try my camera its not a visible line but its more visible to me than the others, I saw it straight away however others prob wont see it.

    If you know what i mean it needs to get stronger to be visible to others!! Am so fecking sick of living my life like this....................roll on tomorrow when I finish for a week!!!

  • Tried to take several photos on my camera and they all come out too bright, any help???

    I am useless with cameras xx
  • Ahhhh pet, I really feel for you. I sooooooooo hope it is your BFP. Will your doctor not do a blood test to check for you? xx
  • Can you turn the flash off so it's not so bright? xx
  • Ok hun

    Its not very clear tho and like i said its very faint again. Hubby thinks its the back of the test showing through theres like a grid on the back of FRER.

    Send me your number xx
  • SD I'm off out for an anniversary meal with hubby (it's 5 years since our first date!) but I'll be checking on here as soon as we get home to have a peek at your test! Fingers crossed very tightly for you! xx
  • Ok hun feel like am going crazy.

    LW just having my tea wont be long xx
  • I can't decide - I keep looking at the pic and seeing a line, then looking again and not...will wait on the next pic if you can send one and see if that ones a bit clearer.

    Fingers very tightly crossed... xx
  • OK Lw has a clearer pic now am sure she will upload it am nipping hubby to tescos for painkillers hes had his tattoo finished off and needs some pain killers be back in 15 mins xx
  • I would pull it apart and then take a pic. I can't see a line like it is. I know it's so difficult to take a good picture when the line is very faint tho.
  • Same here as with littlewolf, have played around with it and can't see a line, as much as I want to see one!! I third the recommendation to dismantle the test, and would definately say test again with fmu. x
  • oh me to pull it appart image

    Really hoping its ur BFP hun x
  • Ok thanks am back have taken test apart and texted LW she will post it for me when shes back online.

    Am stuck in limbo again xx
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