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Can anyone tell me if you are entitled to receive the same amount if you're full time or part time? Not that I'm pg yet but need to get my head around it.



  • im 17weeks pregnant and i still aint got my head round it!!!
    so far as i can tell. provided you pay national insurance every week, and worked for the company at least a month before you got pregnant, then you are entitled to something! either 90% of your pay, or ??124.88 a week, whichever is LEAST.
    so if you earn over ??135 i think it worked out at (or 21.5 hours on ??6.50 an hour) then you would be entitled to the full ??124.88 which is the most you are entitled to as a basic, some companies are nice and give you more, but most dont.
    and if you earn between ??97 and ??135 a week you would get 90% of that.
    or something like that!
    if you aint been at thecompany long enough, or dont earn enough, then you can claim maternity allowance from the job centre, which is again max ??124.88 a week or 90% of what you earned on average a week.
    go to the website, its dead helpful.

    but im confusing, i work 2 jobs, and im only entitled to SMP from one of them, so will figure out which are my qualifying weeks and work loads over that period at my 'main' job and the other one will have to stick it for 8weeks!

    hope that helps!
  • That is a huge help! Thanks hun & congrats x
  • yes, i am still on maternity leave, SMP is the same regardless of hours worked as its paid by the goverment, OMP (occupational maternity pay) paid by your employer is different though, with my company i got 100% of my salary (They topped it up) for 8 weeks then 18 weeks 50% plus SMP, then 13 weeks at just SMP, each company is different and some dont give OMP.

  • I seeeee, all clued up now!

    Thx lovely ladies x
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