Partial line on First Response!

Have been loitering on here for a little while but never posted before. Would like some advice please? Have had unusual cramps and what I thought was a tummy bug since Wednesday and have just done First Response test. I got very faint second line but it was only partial, about half way down or so and is thicker than other line and quite fuzzy. What does this mean? Any answers greatly appreciated!


  • Not sure, sorry.

    If I were you I'd do another test tomorrow . They say that if you get a line, no matter how faint, it's positive but I've never heard of half a line.

    GL, hope it's a BFP for you!

  • Hello!

    Been loitering? LOL, well welcome to the crazy world of ttc! Good chance its a positive but take another one first thing in the morning to be sure xx
  • Update!
    Well I waited until today and tried with Clear Blue digital and got BFN!! Is it possible that FR was wrong and the very faint line was false positive? Really confused now, feel like I've been waiting for an answer for ages. My cycles have been quite long since coming off the pill so it is perhaps still a bit early to test ( CD 28 today) but in that case why would there be a faint line days ago!! Felt so strange this week so if it is a BFN must have some sort of strange virus - my whole body has been aching loads.image
    Any advice would be helpful.
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