Pregnancy Dream - if only it were real!!

As you can see from the subject heading I had a dream last night about being pregnant, well, almost! Dreamt that I had taken a pregnancy test and it was a BFP - it felt so real, even with OH on the phone telling me to take a photo and send it to him as he was at work! I woke up really excited at first, but then the realisation dawned on me that it was only a dream - I so wish it were real, I feel really disappointed now...:\( Why do our minds play cruel tricks on us like this?!?

Not fair - 4DPO and desperately trying not to symptom spot, everytime my mind wanders on to pregnancy related "things", I try to distract myself by thinking about a holiday instead!!! Doesnt work too well, but just trying to keep myself grounded as I am feeling that I'm rapidly losing my sanity with this TTC malarky and I'm only on the first month!!!! AAAGGGHHHH - HELP!!!! LOL


  • Oh its so cruel when that happens! Dreams can be so vivid! But maybe it was more of a premonition than a dream? Hope so! How cool would that be?!

    I am about 4dpo too (not sure as cycle screwy after mc last mth). so we can distract each other while we wait and see!

    Good luck, tons of babydust for us and fingers crossed! xx

  • Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your mc babybump4, I cant begin to imagine what that must be like.

    Really cool though if we are on the same cycle day together though!!! How long are your cycles usually? Mine are 28 days spot on; I did post about my concerns regarding my luteal phase as I thought it might be a bit short, but then I have read that you dont count your first CD until it full flow perios; well, I usually have a couple of days of spotting first - due on (with the spotting) next Wednesday.

    What month TTC are you on may I ask?

  • My cycles are normally 26-27 days. I get spotting a day or so in advance too, Its really annoying isnt it !

    I am unofficially on month 19. My dd is 19mths and we have not 'used anything' in all that time. I keep telling myself that Im not officially 'trying', just going wiht the flow to see what happens.
    Yeah, right! :lol: I monitor cm, look out for ov pain and make sure we bd around the right time every month! :lol: but by telling myself that we are not trying I was hoping it would soften the blow when af turns up each month! (it doesnt tho :roll: )

    We can be cycle buddies! Whoop! not had one b4! :lol:

  • No, I have never had a cycle buddy either (sounds like something involving bikes doesnt it?!?!) lol!

    We were going to go with the "wait and see what happens" route, but has I have had the copper coil in for the last 18 months (non hormonal), I started to prepare by pinpointing my ovulation day with OPKs for the last 2 or 3 cycles. Had the coil removed last month on CD2 (whilst I was on) so we have thrown ourselves straight into it as there are no hormones to delay things! Well, as for the "wait and see" path, I have been using OPKs, BDing every day in the 9 days leading up to ovulation except one which was about 4 or 5 days prior to ovulation; I have been putting my hips up on to a pillow after BD for 20-30 minutes; taking prenatal supplements - his and hers (Im not taking BOTH obviously!!). So after all that, not really sure that it actually constitutes "waiting and seeing"!!!!

    I keep telling OH that it wont happen for a while to try to prevent him from being disappointed when AF arrives (he even asked me when Im due on!! bless him, hes not that kind of bloke normally) and also in a bid to convince myself so that when AF arrives next week, I wont be too disappointed myself.

    Really hard though isnt it?! Particularly as I had a bit of a strange cycle a couple of months ago; AF didnt arrive or even show signs when it should have, but on the day it should have arrived, I had LOADS of EWCM which I never really get and it was kind of yellowy tinged (TMI - sorry), my boobs were really really sore and tender too! I did a test as it is possible to get pregnant on the copper coil, but it was BFN, but then 2 days later AF arrived! My cycle went back to the original day it usually falls on the following month - very odd indeed.

    I have had pre-AF symptoms all this week, so wouldnt be surprised if it arrives early now!!! Sods law if it does!

    Are you doing OPKs too? I cant seem to get on with the cervix position thing!

  • Awww mrsS1258, i had this happen to me in my 1st mth ttc baby no 6. I dreamt that i was about to do a pregnancy test and all these people were gathering around me telling me to do it!!! I never finished the dream so dont know what the outcome was! lol. I think it happens because ttc is on your mind all the time even when we sleep so we are bound to dream about it at times. Lets hope yours was a , im keeping my fingers crossed for you and baby bump4, xxxx
  • sorry for 'radio silece' MrsS, suddely realised the time and had to haul ass to work! (only 15mins late. :lol: ) Forgot my purse in the rush too so am having a much needed coffee!

    I do the pillow-under-bum thing too! oh thinks its very funny. I dont see why?!

    Its great that your cycle carried on as normal, I know from reading some of the posts on here that lots of girls havs such a lot of trouble with their cycles after coming off the pill. Just goes to show how nasty those fake hormones can be! Sounds like you are doing all the right things, so Im sure it wont be long b4 you are waving 'ta-ta' to ttc!

    Im not using opk's, but may give them a go if Im still ttc by about November ish. I dont do cervix prodding either! image

    Im kind of losing pma a bit for this month, as had very slightly blood streaked cm yesterday, and today have had a bit of browny pink cm. so Im kind of praying its implantation, but also not raising my hopes! :roll: xx

  • Sorry if I made you late for work babybump4!! Oops, this site is so addictive though!

    That does sound like it could possibly be implantation - I truly hope it is!! Do you normally get spotting/show just before your period starts? I wish I had some signs that we had caught, but as I say, I am not symptom spotting, not out loud anyhow, I'm trying to keep it safely concealed within the confines of my mind!!! :lol:

    Are you tempted to POAS?? I have told myself that I WILL NOT test until I am late as I am trying to convince myself that it wont happen this month and that it wouldnt be so bad if it didnt anyway because of other things that are going on.... So when AF arrives, theoretically I wont be too disappointed (but I know I still will!!)

  • This site IS adictive! Id much rather be on here than in boring work! :lol:

    I do get spotting b4 af, but its usually yucky brown gunk. Very different to what I have had today. Im not sure whats going on tho, 'cos at the moment I seem to be having very mild af type crampy feeling. Hoping thats implantation pain! :lol: (the words 'straws-at-grabbing' spring to mind!)

    I am very tempted to poas, but I have made a vow that I wont until at least the day my ticker tells me I can! (12 days???? good grief!).

    We will have to get our thinking caps on and come up with some good ideas to keep ourselves occupied on our 2ww. Uuuurrrmmm....... Its no good. my mind is already crammed with lists of symptoms to watch out for!! :lol:

    Oh, and what this about 'when af arrives'??!! Repeat after me: I WILL NOT LOSE MY PMA!. Come on girl, say it like you mean it!!! :lol: xxx

  • Just got in from my night shift - busier than I expected it to be!!

    So here goes; I WILL NOT LOSE MY PMA, I WILL NOT LOSE MY PMA....:lol:

    That better??? haha

    Im just trying to soften the blow so that IF it does come, I wont be disappointed and feeling a fool, not that I wont anyway, but hey!

    How are you doing today babybump4? Any more spotting? Still refraining from POAS? If I were you I think I would already have broken and given in to the urge. I wish I had some kind of glaringly obvious sign that by some miracle we had managed it this month, but until AF arrives (OR DOESNT!!!!) then I will NOT be symptom spotting. Every single niggle,back ache (which is usual particularly with AF) wave of nausea, pain or tiredness results in an immediate thought of "oh, could it be...???" which I then have to try and rationalise and think of other things to distract me!

    Is this your first time TTC (exc. mc) babybump4, or is it as your name suggests, your 4th?

    Well, I'm off to bed for a couple of hours now to NOT think about TTC or symptom spotting. No doubt I shall be back here this afternoon!image



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  • Hi! This is the first chance I have had to get on here all day, been hectic! Out all day doing various stuff, now rushing around trying to get the housework and dinner done at the same time! image Just had to log on tho as was starting to shake from lack of BE!! :lol:

    Not had any more spotting or streaky cm. Still not poas, tho found myself lingering by them in Boots and was SORELY tempted to buy some! :lol: Also, on my way out this afternoon I really thought I was going to throw up! I was stuck in a monster traffic jam, and was sitting there thinking 'Im just goint to have to open the door and do it!' Thankfully it passed to just a queasy feeling after about 15mins, but it was close! image

    This is my 5th 'go' at ttc, got 3 already, plus mc of course. If Im lucky enough to get pg, then it will def be my last one. Would love to carry on, but age is against me! :roll:

    Hope you managed to put all thoughts of ttc out of your mind and had a good sleep. you will need all your energy for symptom spotting later! :lol: xx

  • Hey!

    Knackered as couldn't sleep too well, but I have been on here all afternoon - bar when my parents arrived as no one knows that we are TTC so had to log of MSN even as it keeps popping up with the emails to say "notified topic from babyexpert", oops!!!

    Im so jealous of all your BLATENT(!!!!) pg signs and symptoms, I have nothing on you!!!! As I say, not getting my hopes up this month, not much PMA I'm afraid, but thats ok.....

    How are you resisting from testing - I really would not be able to stay away from the HCGs right now if I had your symptoms, you are a very strong woman! Well done image

    Well, Im working again tomorrow on a late, and then on nights for the rest of the week which will fall over AF due date, so hopefully that will distract me sufficiently...(she says oh so optimistically)


  • :lol: Its WAAAAAYYYY too early to test yet! I still have at least 11 days to go! And that if my cycle returned to normal! If af doesnt show up, I will definately be testing in 11 days, which by my calculation makes it the first of July!

    Also, Im not sure if they are pg symptoms or just signs that my hormones are still a bit screwy, just have to wait and see :roll: (no prizes for guessing which one Im rooting for! :lol: )

    I have quite a bit of pma, as stocked up at SB's party last night. So Im going to chuck some your way......

    CATCH! **********

    Now, keep it safe, and take it out when necessary! image xx

  • Wow - good throw! Its safely tucked away for a rainy day thanks! Im gutted I missed out on SB's party last night, look like a good 'un too.

    I now have other things on my mind as *WARNING TMI* I am bunged up like you wouldnt believe!!! :lol:
    Started Sunday night so took some senna, worked ok, but since then my back has been quite bad so I have been taking codeine at least once a day; but I drink plenty of fluids and eat a bowl of all bran each day plus loads of fruit. Really not good, so just taken a rather large dose of herbal laxatives!!! Oh dear, brace yourself!!!

    So now I am well and truly off symptom spotting for today at 5/6 days DPO....


    PS Just testing my ticker now...BB4 - you have inspired me!!

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  • This stooopid site keeps logging me out! I type out a reply and POOF! Im out! :x

    V. exciting about the bunged-up-edness! Sounds like you have a healthy fibre-filled diet, so must be another cause eh? *nudge-nudge, wink-wink*! (pretty sure that symptom starts in fairly early dpo!)

    Ticker looks great btw, but how come you only have 5 days 'till testing and I have 11?? I thought we were both 4/5 dpo? :\? Or am I missing something?! :lol:

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  • I am but I ovulate quite late in my cycle, about CD 18/19. My cycle starts on a Wednesday with spotting for about two days until full flow and then comes again exactly 4 weeks later on a Wednesday, again with the spotting!! So I think that makes it about a 29 day cycle?? Thought my luteal phase was on the short side, but if the spotting prior to AF isnt counted then that buys me a couple of extra days image

    So, if I were to test, and I use that very losely, than I dont know if it would be on the Wednesday, when I usually start to spot, or the Friday when Im usually in full flow?!

    Thought I was clued up, but maybe not, LOL - too much to learn :lol:


  • Ah! Got you! :lol: Thought for a minute that I was being dense! :lol:

    Hmmm, if the spotting always shows up 2 days prior, then I would say that if the spotting doesnt show up on the Weds, then that would be a pretty good indication that you have done it! So if you were to, say, buy a twinpack of tests, you could poas on Weds (just to confirm spotting was not playing games!) and on the Friday too, just for fun! :lol: I know these tests are supposed to work up to 4 days b4 af due, so Weds would not be too early, but if bfn you still have your Friday test to fall back on. Result! image xx

    They need to add 2 more smileys on here - a devil for those who encourage/indulge in early testing, and an angel for those who wait/advise against it! :lol:

  • I agree with you on the smiley's suggestion, that would be very approriate!!!

    I know, my cycle is very confusing - confuses me at the best of times!!!

    Well, as I say, I'm not holding out much hope for this coming Wednesday, would love to have the opportunity to test, but then would hate to see a BFN, talk about being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea!!!!

    Let me know how your symptoms are coming along BB4!!!image


  • Sure will! (not that Im looking for any of course. Ahem! ) xx

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