toot toot who's joining me on the PMA train?.....

Right ladies...

I was very low yesterday..AF had arrived, broken arm and felt quite frankly poo!

I have eaten my body weight in maltesers and now today I am getting my PMA back!!!

I just ordered a load of ov sticks and booked myself into the docs this afternoon to demand some action on my PCOS... I am sick of being fobbed off. So who is going to join me and get some PMA?


  • Full steam ahead hun, sorry AF arrived she can be a real bitch at times can't she!!! I am praying she leaves me alone for the next 9 months, she's due end of next week and I hope she takes a holiday!!!

  • lol glad u feel better after malteasers! and ur feeling better image feeling a bit low today so would like to come aboard and hopefully some of ur pma will rub off on me! xxxxxx
  • Can i jump on?

    Sorry about the witch turning up and your arm!

    I'm on CD 4. next af is due around 15th august, but they've been slightly irregular (46 days, then 17!) so not 100% sure.

    Its our first wedding anniversary on the 22nd august, so i i can (and if af hasn't shown up...) i'll be testing then, and it seems sooooo fa away.

    I'm feeling quite good this month, PMA took a little dip the CD1 & 2 but is back again now. i can't wait for AF to go away so we can back to the practice, hehe.

    Good luck ladies, hope some of our PMA rubs off on you ladies struggling with it.

  • hiya mummywanabe, how long have u been off ur pill? hopefuly u get an anniversary bfp! x
  • can i buy a first class ticket please for the PMA train please?? destination MUMMYVILLE with one stop off at PREGNANCY on the way image xxxx
  • Can I jump on also ladies....need a good load of PMA at the moment xxxxx
  • lol bk xxxxx
  • the more the merrier girls xxx
  • right well I am on board....sitting with a lovely white wine....enjoy whilst I can lol xxxx
  • Oooooooh yes I am feeling the PMA hee hee!!! x
  • yay it's working....I am off to get the bus into town in a bit...not been on a bus for years!!!

    oh thinks it's hilarious! I do ask for trouble though...was groaning trying to get comfy last night in bed and not knock my arm when oh said omg it's like sleeping with a ferret!!!! my reply was " well you should try sleeping one handed! it's not easy..." oh thought this was tres funny and no doubt will be sharing it with all his mates at the earliest opportunity!
  • hahaha sazzle that is funny! i do that sometimes and come out with something that super funny, i do impoess myself sometimes! hehe xxx
  • I'll jump on!!! PMA nosedived on Monday so could do with a boosting journey on the PMA train.. I'll get off at the same stop as Broody kate lol
  • Come on Katielouxx jump on hunni xx
  • Chooo Choooo!!!! PMA PMA!! LOL xxx
  • can i join? my PMA has seriously dipped today and its only month 1!!!
  • Get on Laura, the PMA train is full steam ahead today hee hee!!! x
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